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Best game recording software for Windows: Now a days there are thousands of people who are really penchant to play games on their PC’s but don’t you think whenever a new game is released and you try to play it therefore you get stuck in between. The reason behind this is that you are unaware of rules to play the game.

So what to do that can make you win the game. It is very simple. You don’t have to do herculean task but rather you need to search for recorded videos for each game so that you can get tits and bits of the game. Now you must be thinking that how these game videos are recorded? You must be thinking that at one time one can play game or record using webcam.


game recording software

You are mistaken as these days we have game capture software to record the games without any interruption in between. Also, you just need to run it in background and you simply can play the games. In the end you will see that with the help of video recording software game has been recorded successfully. Isn’t it exciting? You can record you videos also for the games in which you are perfect also see free calling app for android. Now, let us look at some good game recording software available which can make our task easy.

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Game Recording Software

These are the best game recording software which efficiently records the videos without putting the CPU’s performance at risk. Isn’t it exciting? They even don’t charge that high. Two are free while one is paid. Latter one is worth also to be paid for. Now let us look at 2 more software which can make our task easy by recording and uploading the videos.

  1. Open Broadcaster Software


It is very good software to record games. This is open source i.e. you don’t need to pay any bucks in order to install it. With the help of such features you can do the changes according to yourself. It also has a simple interface in which everything is written so clearly that you would rarely have any difficulty while using it. If you are using it for the first time, don’t change the settings just select the source i.e. the game which you want to record and it will start recording. Also when the videos are made you can directly upload them to YouTube, Instagram or Twitter. Also, it can record the videos in 2 formats. One is Mp4 and other is FLV. Other features are also there which you will get to know when you will use it like Custom Watermarks etc.

  1. ShadowPlay Software


It is a product of Nvidia Geforce where it always runs in background. It records the game in such a way that CPU doesn’t get affected as game will get affected if shadow play will use CPU of your machine. This is the reason why Shadow Play uses Geforce GPU to record the game. It let you record the videos in 2 modes, one is shadow mode and other one is manual mode. In shadow mode game which you have played in last 20 minutes will be recorded.

But the disadvantage is that the old videos get deleted when you will press this mode. While in manual mode, it is simple, you just need to on it and it will record the videos until you will put it off. It records at 4k resolution videos with speed of 130 Mbps speed. Isn’t it great? The best part is that this game recorder free is really free. Just go for this. You will have a great game recording experience.

  1. Action


It is very decent game recording software which creates videos by using GPU rather than CPU so that your device performance doesn’t get attenuated. It also can record the videos of 4k resolution. Also with it high frame rate and other features like commentary can be added to it to make it more fantasizing. Once your videos are made, you can directly upload them on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook or YouTube. It has also an additional feature in which you can control your PC with the help of your android app. This also has time mode in which games of last 10 minutes will be recorded. It is not free.

  1. Bandicam


This free game recording software has quite a lot of features which can record games with ease. It has a very simple interface and provides you with numerous features. You can select the frame rate yourself and can record the videos with 4k resolution. You won’t believe that with such high resolution also the video size is small. The app doesn’t compromise with the quality even if the size of the video is small. It has option of recording the game for 24 hours and you can also manually set the time for which it should record. When you have recorded your videos, then you can directly upload to YouTube. Try this app.

  1. XSplit Game caster


It is also a good app with decent features. It let you record the game with high resolution It has a very simple interface to record the game. For starting the recording you just need to press one button. This app also uses GPU rather than CPU. There are various other features which come with this app like Watermarks, social media integration and others used for iphone games. The best thing about this app which I like the most is that you can edit your videos with this app itself before uploading them to YouTube. Try this app; you will never regret using this app.

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So we have looked at best game recording software for windows. All are excellent in their own way with their unique features. You must use all of them before reaching at a conclusion that which is best? You should use this software and record the videos so that people can see them. Then they will also play superb as you play. Visit Aljum for more information.