Ghost Hunting Apps For Android and iOS

Best Ghost hunting Apps for Android

Want to know whether there are any ghost hunting apps for smartphones, the answer to you is yes, there are some best ghost detector app to find whether the ghost is there or not. It might look like these are fake apps but some people are using these apps and say them as ghost tracking apps. If you are excited to know about these application simple check out our article below.

Here you can see some of the best ghost hunting apps for android smartphone. You can simply use these applications for free and use them on your android device. You can use the free ghost hunting apps that are provided below.


ghost apps android

We know that there are already applications for everything from the most useful, to the most absurd. Perhaps the platforms to detect ghosts fall into the second category mentioned above, but we do not underestimate the capacity for amazement and fun that these applications could sometimes generate. Supposedly, ghost apps work through certain energy sensors, so the interface automatically “detects” unusual presences.

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Ghost Hunting Apps For Android iOS

True or not, we would like to mention some applications that may indicate if there is a ghost in your house. Although it is not reality, at least you could get some scares or generate panic with people around you and have fun for a while.

Ghost Radar

This is one of the best ghost hunting apps. If you want to know if there is paranormal activity near you, Ghost Radar is ideal, because it detects strange movements through signals. Within the radar, you can see different colors that indicate the intensity of the perceived signal, and the voice of a man or a woman begins to say random words in a strange and terrifying way.

Ghost Hunting Apps


The application is completely free, but if you want more features or details of your environment, you can download Ghost Radar. Connect, in which you can open the camera to take photos, videos, put night mode, etc. It works through GPS and the smartphone’s processor.


This application is perfect for making jokes and it is one of ghost apps android. Because in it you can take a picture, or choose the one you want from your gallery to add a spectrum. It gives a terrifying touch to your images.

ghost cam

There are different types of ghosts, which you can accommodate as they convince you. When you think you have a fairly realistic creation, do not hesitate to show it to your family or friends.

Ghost Observer

This application not only finds and detects presences but also shows you the ghost. With this detector, you will be able to monitor and communicate with the spectral entities. In the description of the application, the developers assure the following. It uses advanced technologies to capture and analyze paranormal activity. This is the best-known method to interact with the world spirit average.

best ghost hunting apps for android

Each ghost has its own electromagnetic signature, which can be used to determine the characteristics of the ghost and the story. Of course, it all sounds like cheating, but if you want to entertain yourself by watching supposed ghosts, listen to your voice and receive an analysis of the signals received, do not hesitate to download Ghost Observer.

Ghost Locator

If you want to know the name of the ghost, its origin, weight, age, and cause of death, Ghost Locator is for you. Although this application is only available for iOS users, on Android you might find similar platforms. Every time you find a ghost, you will find information about his past. This application will give you a precise location where a spectrum is supposedly present.

Phantom Ghost Photo

With this application, you will see ghosts everywhere. As it incorporates suspicious shadows, strange bodies and even the most frightening ghost in the house of horrors into your mobile camera. You just have to put a filter, take a picture of your corridor or that of a friend and you will put fear into the body instantly. Without a doubt, one of the most fun.

Ghost sensor

Do you want to play to be a ghost hunter? We are serious. This application is perfect for lovers of paranormal experiences who have no qualms about finding some energy hidden at home. Ghost is an application that contains a complete kit of tools to find ghosts no matter how much they hide.

Ouija Board

This is a best ghost apps for iphone and android. Not only Apple users have the opportunity to bring the Ouija in your pocket or on your tablet, but also Android users can contact beings from the “beyond” with this application.

Ghost Radar Classic

You have opened the portal between both worlds, now you must have the right tool to detect the ghosts. This application tells you if a paranormal presence is around you. Available for both iOS and Android.

Entity Sensor Pro

If what you want is greater accuracy of where the ghostly being is, it is an application for Android devices, it tells you the exact coordinates, as well as the distance at which it is located.

Ghost Hunter EVP

For audio fans, this application works as a simple recorder, but in reality, it is a psychophonies grabber. Listen again to the recording, maybe you’ll discover voices from the “other world” telling you something.

EVP Voices of Ghosts Thanks to this application, the phone captures the differences in the environment. This can be useful because some beings change the characteristics of the medium to be heard by the living.

Ghost Capture

If the phrase of your friends is “Seeing to believe”, with this app you can give them tests of your paranormal encounters because you will have the opportunity to add different types and classes of spectra to your photos.

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Hope you have got the best ghost Hunting Apps for your android and ios devices. You can make some pranks with your friends with these apps. Some times even you can get the real information too. So if you have any other best ghost apps then simply share with us using the comment box below. Also visit ttop10 for more information.