Best Google URL Shortener Alternatives

One of the popular and well-known URL shorteners which are provided by Google is There are numerous features that are being delivered by so as to create the hyperlinks and shorten them. With the help of Google URL shortener, the bloggers are able the make the URLs of the websites and the posts short in length. The format of the shortened URL by default is

Google shortener is an open source tool which is free to use. You need not create an account on Google to access the shortener. The entire process of working with the Google shortener is very simple. The long URLs have to be pasted on the shortener and then you have to click on shorten URL. This way you will be simply getting short URLs.


Google URL Shortener

There is some news in the market that Google is soon going to stop the URL shortening services and hence we have brought to you some of the best Google url shortener alternatives 2019. Have a look at them below.

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Best Google url shortener Alternatives

Below are the best google url shortener alternatives that will mainly help you to shorten the urls in a easy way. Simply have a look at them.


This is one of the popular Google url shortener alternatives that will help you to shorten the URL easily. The complex URLs can be easily converted to simpler ones. Along with URL shortening, it also allows you to manage the URLs and track them.

best google url shortners


It has conversion speed faster than other tools and hence is most effective. So, if you are fed up of using big URLs and want small URL without any breaking then go for


This is a platform for URL shortening where URL of every category can be shortened. These URLs can be of any length and will easily shorten it to a very small length. This way the marketing will become more effective.

google url shortener alternatives

You just need to go to the official website and just paste the link that you need to have shortened. Then click on shorten it. Now, you can use that link wherever you want. The best part about is that your original URL will not be changed.


Another name in the list is This is one of the popular tools used for shortening the URLs which are big in length into convenient small length URLs. With this shortener you just don’t have the facility to shorten your website URL; you can also reduce the URLs of the social media accounts. Hence you get multiple options with one tool.

free google url shortener


Next important member of the list of Google url shortener alternatives 2019 is It can easily shorten the big space consuming and lengthy URLs into short and simple ones.

google url shortener alternatives

Thus the URLs become short enough to be easily shared anywhere. Also, it has the feature to track the record of total visits done on the short URLs. This tool is slim in nature and also non-obstructive and hence is so popular.

5. Polr

This is one of the modern tool which act as a URL shortener as well as a URL management tool. It efficiently acts a shortener for the URL and works with the link options.

best google url shortener

There are many features that are being accommodated in Polr. The hyperlinks can be easily created and shortened with this tool. You just need to follow a simple process on the website and easily you will get the short length URLs for your websites and blogs.

6. Snipli

To get reliable and shorter links in place of long URLs, you can go for Snipli. With this alternative, you get short URLs which are fully secure to use. In addition to URL shortening, you also get many amazing features with this tool. The URLs created are short and user-friendly.

alternatives to google url shortener

There is edit link feature but it can be used only by the registered users. There is reporting and analytics feature available with the tool. You can easily mask your URLs and also there is a static page where you can get to see the number of visitors. The users are targeted on the basis of device type and on the basis of browser type.

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Finally we can say, long URLs irritate the users, therefore it is very important to have the tools that can ease the task of shortening the URLs. Above are the best alternative to Google shortener that you can go with Choose the one which you think is best and get your URLs short and simple. Visit Aljum for more information.