How to change Minecraft Skin & Create your own skin

How to change Minecraft Skin: Minecraft is the most popular game and can see the live steamings of this game on Twitch frequently. In this app, there are many features for more entertainment and enjoyment. We have to dig the earth to explore the different worlds by increasing your level and getting more tools and rewards as you go further in the game. And the another interesting thing in the game is Skins. Today, I will give you information about how to change Minecraft skin. There are so many Minecraft skins, so changing Minecraft skin is a simple thing.

The Minecraft skins are small PNG file which can be downloaded either directly to the Minecraft game or you can download it on your PC and upload it to your Minecraft game and change the skin. This is the general process, so now let us know how to change your Minecraft skin. Also, I will tell you how to get Minecraft skins into your game, please read the below-given steps carefully.


how to change minecraft skin

You can make your own skin by using the minecraft skin game, making minecraft skins does not make any issue but you should also know how to change minecraft skin in the game. This game is more interesting and is a very good to play in pc and android devices.

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How to change Minecraft skin

There are two Methods in which you can change Minecraft skin. In the first method, you can download the skin from online and then upload it to your Minecraft account and then use that in the game, whereas the second method is to create your own skin. So, now let us know the two methods in Detail.

how to change your skin in minecraft

  • Download The Minecraft skin.
  • Create your own skin.

You can use any of the two methods to change the skins, below are the nethods that are clearly explained to know how do you change your skin in minecraft pc and what are the ways you use to apply a skin for your minecraft.


Method 1: How to change your skin in minecraft pc

Many of the users have a query of how to change skin in minecraft pc, you can get the detailed version of how to change the skin on desktop from here. Simply follow the guide completely.

Download your new skins

You can simply download any Minecraft skin because they are very light weight and in the PNG format. These uninstalled skins will be as blurred paper images. These skins are available in the websites like Skindex.

  1. Just go to the website, here you can see the skins for minecraft in the library.
  2. You can select a skin that you like the most and also you can even search for the specific skin from the search bar which is in the top of the page.
  3. You can select the latest skins or top skins from the upper left side.
  4. Simply select your favourite skins. And click on Download.
  5. Remember the file name and the location you have saved on your PC.

how to change your minecraft skin

Login to your Minecraft account

Now, you have the skin ready on your device, so now login to your Minecraft account and then sign-in to your profile of Mojang account. (Email ID and Password).

minecraft change skin

Upload your skin

Once successfully logged into the account, then click on the browse button and then select the file you have previously downloaded and saves on your PC.

how to change your minecraft skin

Then click on “Upload” and wait for the confirmation message that “Skin is uploaded”.

Try out the Skin

In this step, go to the game and just open a world and then press F5 button to see your skin. Now you can see your skin. Now you can edit the skin for your choice.

Customize your skin

You can edit the skin, by differentiating all the parts like head, hat, jacket, coat etc.

how to change minecraft skin

To customise the skin just go to Options > customization. Make sure that you have downloaded the skin which is compatible with Minecraft 1.8.

Method 2: Create your Own Skin

In this you can also available to create your own skin to your Minecraft avatar, then it is a simple thing. The only thing you have to do is to create a right size PNG image. there are some free editors like MCskinner to create and customise your own skins. This tool will help you to make your own skin in just a few minutes and then you can save it and use it whenever we want.

minecraft how to change skin

You can also upload existing skins and modify them as you want. This is pretty easy. Here are the steps to Download the MC Skinner and then create the skin using this tool.

  • Download MC SkinEdit

You can get this off the forums. Once you have downloaded and installed it, open it up. Sometimes you have to put in a link, look it up on the forum page you downloaded it from.

  • Start making your skin

OK, from now on this editor is basically self-explanatory, and you don’t need much more detail.

  • Add noise

Noise can be found in one menu. Drag the bar to 50, and click the Add or Complete button.

  • Your character will now have lighter and darker pixels on him/her

This is a really cool effect which makes the character look more realistic.

  • Save your design

Once you have saved it, upload it to First, you click browse, open your skin, and upload it. That should do the trick.

  • Well done

You have created your own Minecraft Skin! Now you can go on multiplayer and brag about your new skin. Enjoy playing about with SkinEdit and maybe even run a small business making skins.

Method 3: Change Your Minecraft Skin in Mobile

Some of the minecraft lovers wants to change their character skin in the mobile, every we cannot use our desktop and even we can’t carry them too each and every time, so for our minecraft lovers there is a possibility to change the minecraft skin in mobile. Follow the below guide and know how to apply a minecraft skin on mobile.

  • First step is to open your mobile browser and visit
  • Go to the skindex and select the best skin for your minecraft.
  • Click on the skin that you want to download.
  • Keep a name for your skin and click on save button.
  • Now open minecraft PE from your mobile by double clicking on the minecraft icon.
  • Now you will see the options like “Play” “achievements” “Settings” etc. In that check for the Coat hanger icon that is on the right bottom. Click on it.
  • Click on the blank skin icon that is beside the default section in the top left corner.
  • Select that and click on choose new skin.

change skin in minecraft pe

  • Browse from your mobile for your saved skin and tap on the skin.
  • Select the skin check it and click on confirm button.

how to change your skin in minecraft

  • Thats it!! It will change the skin of your minecraft on the mobile.
  • You can use any number of skins and try them on your minecraft pe. Change minecraft skin as per your wish. With this you will know how to get a skin in minecraft pc.

Change Minecraft Skin Using Console Editions

Want to know how to change skins in minecraft pc using the console editions, below is the complete way to know how to change your skin on minecraft pc, you can check this method for future.

  • First open minecraft and select the minecraft game in the console library.
  • In case if you briiught the minecraft skin on disk then insert the disk on your console.
  • You will see the minecraft home page, select help and options.
  • Select Change Skin. Here you will see the skins page.
  • You will see different skin packs, select any of skin pack from there.
  • Once you select a pack, scroll left or right to find a skin that you want to use. Some of the skins provided here are of premium.
  • Select the skin and you will see a green check mark appear that is appearing in the right bottom screen.
  • Select the skin and continue using it.

With this you will know how to change your minecraft skin pc and use it. We have provided these methods for the users who want to know how to change minecraft skin pc.

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So, friends, this is the process through which you can change Minecraft skin easily, now you have solved how to change your minecraft skin. Hope you enjoyed the app and also having fun with the app. If you do so, then please share this app to your social profile sand spread the news. Also please visit the ttop10 site daily for more interesting stuff. Thank you so much for visiting our website, keep visiting for more updates.