How To Detect Camera’s Using Android

How to detect cameras using Android mobile? If your search is related to hidden camera detector then you can find the detailed guide to detect cameras using Android mobile. You can find a lot of professional Hidden camera detector apps on the Google play store for your Android smartphone. You can download these apps on your Android device for free.

Hidden camera detector apps are used to find the suspicious spy cameras lens around you. When you suspect that you are being watched secretly by someone at private places you can use these spy camera detector apps to detect the suspicious lens around you. Stay safe and protect your privacy by using these apps on your Android.


How To Detect Camera's Using Android

Most common places where you can find these objects are changing rooms, hotel rooms, wall clocks, toilets, door holes, etc. To detect the Hidden cameras around you, you can also use the Android phone’s camera and magnetometer sensors to detect the microphones or any other listening devices.

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How To Detect Camera’s Using Android

Nowadays it is very important to take the minimum precautions at the private places to stay safe from some disgusting people around you. It is better to be alert before getting traped by someone. You can detect the Hidden cameras around you by using your Android mobile in 3 ways.

1. Detect a Hidden Camera Using Android Camera

Some of the spy cameras lens will emit the infrared radiation light. You can find such type of Hidden cameras by using the Android camera. It is not possible to see this IR light with the naked eye so you should use the Android camera lens. To detect the IR light of the hidden cameras, open the camera app on your Android mobile and move around the room.

Hidden Camera Detector


Move the camera lens close to the suspected object. If any suspicious camera lens is there around you, you can find the small bright-whitish light on your camera. If you spot such type of light on your phone, investigate further and detect the location of the camera.

2. Detect Hidden Camera Using Android App

There are many spy camera detector apps in the Google play store for your Android mobile. Some best apps are Hidden Spy Camera Detector, Glint Finder, Spy Hidden Camera Detector, Hidden device Detector, Dontspy, Hidden IR Camera Detector, etc.

These are the professional apps to detect the spy lens around you. You can be 100% safe by using any of these apps on your Android mobile. Check below how to use these apps on your Android mobile to detect the Hidden cameras.

  • First, select any app and then download that app from the Google Play Store.
  • Now tap on the installed app and open it.
  • Enable all the required permissions like to use your camera, device’s location, etc.
  • You can use these apps to detect all wired, wireless, infrared lens, magnetic sensors, etc.
  • Open the Magnetometer scanning or Infrared scanning and move your device around the suspected areas in the room or in any other place.
  • If it detects any suspicions object it will indicate you by giving a beep sound or the flashlight will blink continuously.

Android hidden camera app

  • If you find any indication from these camera detector apps, investigate further and find the camera.

3. Detect Hidden Cameras & Listening Devices By Wi-Fi Scanning

It is also possible to detect the cameras and the listening devices by Wifi scanning. For this just refresh your network list on your Android device and then walk around the room and look for any odd-looking connections or devices. In this way, you can find some of the lower end spy cameras and listening devices around you.

These are ways you can follow to detect the Hidden or Spy camera’s around you using Android mobile. Follow the minimum precautions and stay safe at private places. Keep in contact with our website for more informative articles. Comment below if you have any quires. Thank you.