How To Download Tumblr Videos

Download tumblr videos: Tumblr is a micro blogging network where you can find lot of videos and audios. Lot of people are there on Tumblr and also they can even follow the content so that whenever the content they like will be there, they will instantly get a notification. But the main problem lies in how to download and tumblr videos.

The ways to download tumblr videos is quite tricky but it will definitely allow you to download videos from tumblr. So now we shall look at some good ways how to download videos from tumblr and save tumblr videos in your handset.


download tumblr video

Basically there are so many ways to download the tumblr videos but we are mentinoning the best way to download the video from tumblr. Simply have a look at our article.

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How to save videos from tumblr without any software

For downloading the videos from tumblr without any software you have to follow below steps and your video can be downloaded in just few seconds.

  • First you have to right click on the tumblr video you want to download and then click on inspect.


  • When you will click on inspect HTML code will open and there you have to click CTRL+ F on your keyboard and you will see one search panel appearing on the lower left side of the screen.
  • In that search panel you have to type ‘type=”video/’ in the box and then after entering you have to click on Enter.
  • When you will click on enter the first location of this text will high lighten in your code.
  • Before this text you will get one URL which will be starting from https. Then you have to right click on that link and open in new tab.
  • Your video will start getting played and there you have to right click the video and then select “save video as”. Your tumblr video will start getting downloading.
  • Isn’t the procedure easy? Yes it. Try it on your browser.

This was the first way of downloading and to save videos from tumblr. You can then search for videos in your files and you can now view them offline also. Isn’t that great? Yes it is. One another procedure is there which is also very simple. You can try this one also.

  • You first have to open the tumblr video in another browser tab.
  • When the video has opened you have to go the address bar at the top. In the address bar you have look for tumblr and you have to add “dl” in front of tumblr.
  • After this you have to click on enter button.
  • Your video will be downloaded in just few seconds.
  • This method is very effective but sometimes it doesn’t work for some videos for which you can try the second method.

2nd way: How to save tumblr videos using professional video downloader

There are many tools available which allows you to download and save tumblr videos. You can even download the videos and save them so that you can play them even if you are not connected to internet.


  • Tumblr-Video downloader: It is one of the best sites to download tumblr videos in MP3 and MP4 format. You have to go to its official site and you should be having the URL of the video which you want to download from tumblr. There you have to enter that URL in Blank space where it would be written “Enter Tumblr Video URL”. You can select your format of video in which you want to download it. Then you can simple see your video downloading. Isn’t it easy? Just you need to do is to download Tumblr-video downloader.
  • Tube-Ninja: It is also one of the good sites to download tumblr videos. First you have to copy the URL of the video which you want to download. Then open Tube-ninja and in the top you will be asked to enter the URL of the video. You have to click on download and in next page you can select the quality in which you want to download the video. Your video will get downloading in just few seconds.

3rd way: How to save a video in tumblr in iOS

For this method your iPhone should be jail break. Downloading the videos in iPhone is bit tricky and requires “Dwnldr Package” app to be downloaded in your iPhone.

  • First you have to download “Dwnldr Package” app and then install in your iPhone.
  • You can stream the video on tumblr and while your video is running just tap ad hold on video for few seconds.
  • When you will tap on video you will get one reminder that whether you want to save the video or not.
  • When you will click yes, your video will get downloading in just few seconds.

download tumblr videos

Another option is to go for Tyblr. This is the name of free app on app store which you can download in your phone to save videos from tumblr.

  • Just download and install Tyblr app on your iPhone and when you will launch the app you will see one download button in front of your tumblr videos.
  • Just you have to click on download button and your videos will start getting downloading in few seconds. Tyblr will ask for some access. You can provide the access and saving your videos from tumblr has now become easy. After downloading the video go to download section and then right click on video you have to download. There click on add to option. There you can see add to iTunes. You can click on that and it will be added to your iTunes folder.

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 So, you have got to know about ways to how to download a video from tumblr. You can look for any way which suits you. All these ways described above are good in their respect. It just depends whether you are using android phone or iPhone. The procedure to save videos from tumblr is now nuts and bolts for you. All these methods are trusted and reliable. You can try any of them and you can easily see and download videos in your phone easily.