How to Download Youtube Videos on Android

Every day, more than a billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube by nearly 1.5 billion users worldwide, the vast majority of whom advocate entertainment via Android or iOS mobile devices. If you want know how to download youtube videos on android then simply check this article.

In front of this rich and varied catalog you will probably be tempted to download some videos on your mobile or tablet and to watch them later offline or to share them with your friends. You can simply know how to download youtube videos on android or iphone with the below mentioned methods.


How to Download Youtube Videos on Android

Thus to find your favorite videos on your mobile or Android tablet, you can either install a dedicated application or access a website for “download” Discover how to proceed and get the youtube videos. These videos can be easily downloaded for free on your android.

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Use TubeMate, a Simple and Effective Application

YouTube as well as Android are services under the guidance of Google. So any application that offers download of Android videos has no place in the Play Store. However you can find TubeMate for free.


Before you can install it you need to make some changes to the security settings of your mobile device. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Go to Settings > Lock screens / Security.
  • Enable the box “Unknown Sources”, which will allow to install applications from sources other than Play Store.

Once you have implemented the TubeMate application, launch it!

The first thing you can notice is that the TubeMate interface is very similar to YouTube. So with the search icon you can easily find the video you want to “download” and the “Green Arrow” icon will launch the download once the format chosen.

The downloaded video will then be available on Settings> Storage> Photos / Videos or directly on the gallery that you can launch from any media player installed on your Android Smartphone or tablet.

Add Letters to the YouTube URL of the Relevant Video

If you’re reluctant to install an app outside of the Play Store, you can still download a YouTube video just by editing its URL. Here’s the way to go by using the Nickel back song as an example:

  • Open the page of the video concerned.
  • Edit the URL of the video by adding “dl” or “dlv” before YouTube as follows and press “Enter.”
  • On the loaded page, choose the format of the video and download it.
  • In the same way, you can use other letters like “ss”, “pwn” or “dlv” to download YouTube videos under Android .

Access Sites Dedicated to Downloading YouTube videos as its name suggests allows to “download” directly on your mobile, tablet or computer videos from YouTube but also other social networks like Instagram or Facebook.

On the homepage, you have a box where you must enter the link of the video concerned.

By clicking on “Get links”, you will find several choices of formats in MP3, MP4 or 3GP for different qualities.

When your choice is fixed click on “Generate download link”.

Lastly tap the generated link to start the download.

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Thats it finally you will get the youtube video on your device if you are doing this process. With these methods you can easily try downloading a video and you will know how to download youtube videos on android and other smartphones. These methods are mostly used to download any video from youtube. For more information visit ttop10 website.