How to Make a Book in Minecraft

Are you a Minecraft lover, are you interested to know how to make a book in minecraft, then here is the complete guide to know about minecraft how to make a book. Generally books are so easy to make, but the ingredients that are required to make a book are much needed. Once you get all the materials then it will be easy to start doing a book. In this minecraft you can use different methods for how do you make a book in minecraft.

Many of the users directly make the books with the ingredients that are available in the minecraft, but there are so many ways also to get the ingredients or materials for how to make a book in minecraft. Some of the best used methods to make a book are shown in this article. You can even change the skins in Minecraft for that you can see how to change minecraft skin by creating own skins.


how to make a book in minecraft

There are different methods for how to make a bookshelf in minecraft or how to craft a book in minecraft. You can use some sugarcanes to make a book. The complete guide for this is provided here check out.

How to Make Books in Minecraft in PC

Here is process for how to make a book in minecraft in pc or computer. Here you can use the sugarcane for your production. Follow the steps below:

  • First you need to gather sugarcane.
  • In order to gather sugarcane you need to grow it near the bodies of water. It is difficult to grow in all places, so if you follow a coastline you can grow these canes. Now you need to break it with your hands or use any tool to pick them up.
  • Conditions to grow sugarcane: It must be planted in dirt, sand or grass. There must me at least one water block.
  • Turn Three Cane into paper: Fill one of the row of a crafting table with sugar cane. Fill total of 3-4 rows which makes three sheets of paper which will be enough to make a book.
  • Now hunt for leather, which can be done by hunting cows or rabbits.Collect 2-3 units of leather.
  • Now combine leather and paper in order to make a book. Place the leather in one square and paper in 3 squares. This will make a book.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

In order to make a book in minecraft pocket edition first you need to check your version. If you are using 0.12.1 or later version then you can follow these steps. But if you are using before 0.12.1 then you should ensure that books doesnot require leather to craft. And much important thing is before 0.3.0 version of minecraft pocket edition books does not exist. So check your version before playing.

  • Search for sugarcane. It is a green reed that rows near the bodies of water. You can harvest with your hands or you can use some tools.
  • Now turn the sugarcane into paper. Select your crafting table and select the paper recipe in the decorations menu. This will make the sugarcane into papers.
  • Now you need to get the leather which can be done by killings cows or by fishing.
  • Finally combine the paper and leather to form a book by keeping them in the crafting table.

Finally you have got how to make a book minecraft in pc and using the minecraft pocket edition. With this guide you will know how to make book in minecraft by using all the resources. If you have any queries regarding how to make books minecraft, then you can comment us below we will respond as soon as possible. Visit ttop10 for more information.