How to Record iPhone Screen With Sound

How to record iphone screen: In iOS there are many ways to record the screen of your iPhone or iPad. If you like me, make reviews or game plays of applications or games there are different software and programs that allow us to record what happens on the screen of our device.

The most popular is perhaps the Tweak Display Recorder, which has the ability to record in very good quality and even sound through the microphone. But as you know you need to have Jailbreak on your device, something that not everyone likes.


How to Record iPhone Screen

If you have a device compatible with mirror mode you can record the screen of your device thanks to applications such as Screenflow, Quicktime X (Mac) or Camtasia (Windows) to capture video. Although the quality can leave a lot to be desired. There are also other payment applications such as AirServer, X Mirage or Reflector compatible with Windows or Mac but they do not finish working well at all.

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What do We Need to Record in iOS by Hardware?

  • The first and most expensive is the capturing. In my case I chose the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable, for its comfort and its benefits.
  • The second thing we need is an Apple product, it’s an HDMI to Lightning adapter, since my device is an iPad Mini. If your device has a Dock connector, you will need an HDMI to Dock adapter.
  • We will also need an HDMI Splitter. A what? An HDMI duplicator For what? To load the HDCP protocol The HDCP protocol? Yes it is a protocol that does not allow output and record and thanks to the HDMI Splitter we are going to skip that protocol.
  • Finally we are going to need two HDMI cables. Although we really only have to buy one, because with the captor we will get one as a gift.

How to record the Screen of your iPhone, iPad or iPod by Hardware

Step 1: Download the Software

Once we have our capture, HDMI Adapter – Lightning, HDMI Splitter and our two HDMI cables, the first thing we have to do is download the AVerMedia software that will help us to operate in our captor and that you can download in this link.

Step 2: Feed our devices

The second thing we are going to do is to limit our Splitter. The Splitter comes with its own power cable, while the capture will feed it by connecting it to our PC through a Mini-USB to USB cable that other than feeding the capture will make us record.

Step 3: Connect the cables

Maybe this is the most “messy” part of the tutorial, since we will connect all the cables and leave everything ready to start recording our iPad or iPhone.


1. Connect an HDMI cable at one end to the HDMI – Lightning Adapter and at the other end to the Splitter input.

2. Connect another HDMI cable at one end to the input of the capturer (IN) and on the other end to one of the outputs of the Splitter.

3. Finally we will connect the Lightning part of the HDMI – Lightning adapter to our iOS device.

Step 4: Start recording

Once everything is ready, we will run the AVerMedia Software that we previously downloaded «AVerMedia ReCentral». It is in English but we can intuitively record the screen of our device. We can configure audio and video aspects in the Wizard section with ease.

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You will be able to record by Hardware your best Game plays and Reviews of your iPad or iPhone with incredible video and audio quality, without the need of Jailbreak, without delays and without you hanging your device. This is the way I have to record all the videos you can find on our Aljum website.