How to Speed Up Torrent Download

With the proliferation of broadband internet connections file sharing on the internet is just around the corner. Precisely the sharing of files is the aim of the torrent files, which are the files that are used for BitTorrent downloads. They are small files with extension “.torrent” that open with a BitTorrent client (for example the μTorrent). They are aimed at sharing files using the protocol p2p protocol that is different computers share connections between them.

Its operation is to provide an efficient way to distribute the same file to a large group of people forcing all those who download a file to share it with others and hence all the success it has had, as compared to programs such as Kazaa, Morpheus etc. You can perceive a big difference.


how to speed up torrent download

Sharing files today is so popular that according to studies conducted in mid 2008, in France more than 450 thousand movies a day are downloaded by p2p networks. Contrary to what these figures may reflect some other studies reflect that p2p networks do not really hurt companies after all. We are in a time when sharing is essential and companies mainly have to redefine their business models because the one that does not adapt dies.

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How to Speed Up Torrent Download

One of the most used files to download large amounts of megabytes is torrent. Although its use is quite fast, to download large files and share them on the Internet there are many ways to improve the performance of downloads, so that we have the possibility to get images from Linux or any other program in the shortest possible time.

In this article we will see some tips to accelerate the torrent download. It should be noted that optimizing the download speed of the torrent files will depend mainly on the configuration that we give to our client.

Accelerating Torrent Download

Next we will see some tips to increase the download speed of the torrent files on our PC:


  • The first thing to keep in mind is that as a general rule, Internet providers tend to block ports by default, hindering the download task (ports 6881 through 6999). It is for this reason that it is advisable to change the default ports of the bitTorrent client in order to increase the download speed.
  • Another trick we can do to improve the speed of torrent download, is to increase the number of TCP connections that are made to our Windows system. In general they are in 10, we should try to raise them to a number that is between 50 and 100 connections.
  • One way to maintain an acceptable speed of our download process is simply limiting the use of bandwidth, so that we can keep control of the speed since many times this bandwidth value is modified by the provider. It is advisable to try to configure the client to work with 70% or 80% of the total capacity of the bandwidth of our Internet connection.
  • Also we must be aware that our firewall or firewall is not blocking the ports we are using to connect the client to the network. If this is the case we have to create exceptions to the firewall or open those ports, to increase the download and upload speed of files.
  • To speed up the download speed of a torrent, it is important to verify the client / seed relationship of that file. Remember that the seed number (full file) must be large and it is recommended that the number of clients (downloading users be lower). In this way we can say that a torrent file with a ratio of 40/200 will be less efficient than a 30/60 and its download will be much slower.

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