How to Turn Off Apple TV {Quick Guide}

How to turn off apple tv? Are you new to the Apple TV? Have you watched enough and like to turn off your Apple Tv? Before going through the process how to turn off apple tv, let me give you a brief summary of the Apple products. Usually, all these were simple and to turn off apple tv, simply press the power button. Am I right? Is that not so simple? But sorry to say as there won’t be any type of power button available.

If in that case, how to turn off apple tv/ how to turn on apple tv? Are there any steps to be considered? Let we go learn right now to enjoy and experience very well. No need to get disappointed as it does not have a power button. This is because it is fully remote-operated. Well, we also have some Apple TVs without the remote.


how to turn off apple tv

All the process is different for different models. But tension not as I will instruct how to turn off apple tv in the easiest way. Also, you might have a question as of how long it takes for the Apple tv to go into sleep mode. Well, for instance, if it is inactive for a while, then it automatically gets shut down into sleep mode. In order to change the amount of time before the Apple tv goes into sleep mode, go to Settings-> General-> Sleep after.

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How to Turn Off Apple TV

As we discussed before, it goes turn off after some inactivity. However, you can also manually sleep the respective Apple TV with the help of remote control and settings App too. So here we are going to learn about different models and also how to change auto-sleep settings without any fail.

How to turn off apple tv [4th Generation]

It has two different ways to turn off Apple TV with the remote and also using onscreen commands. All the thing you have to do is simply follow all the instructions given by me.

With the help of Remote:



  • First and foremost, hold the home button on the Siri remote where you can notice the icon of a tv on it.
  • There you see a screen appearing in the form of two ways. Sleep now and Cancel.
  • Choose Sleep now and then click the touchpad to make the respective Apple tv into Sleep mode.

How to Set Up Apple tv Without Remote

Using Onscreen Commands:

This is as simple as you can. Open the Settings app and then scroll down where you see an option sleep now. Click the touchpad in order to select it.

How do I turn off apple tv[3rd and 2nd Generation]

In order to turn off the previous model with the help of remote, just simply follow the below instructions. You can go with this process for both 3rd and 2nd generations working on standby mode.


  • As I said, If it is with remote, press and hold the play/pause button for a while to turn the respective Apple TV. Make a note as the play button on the remote look like standard play and pause button as with the sideways triangle.

How to Set Up Apple tv Without Remote

Through Onscreen commands:

  • Firstly, launch the settings app with no second thought.
  • Simply now scroll down the list of options in settings to make it sleep now. Choose sleep now option to turn off apple tv without a remote.
  • So that there you can see a progress wheel appearing on the screen. And finally, this indicates your Apple tv is turning off.

How to Turn Off Apple tv[1st Generation]

Well, if your using 1st generation Apple Tv, follow the below instruction to make your tv turn off right now fastly with no error.


  • Hold down the play/ pause button for 5 seconds and there you observe as your Apple tv going to sleep mode successfully.

How to Set Up Apple tv Without Remote

This is possible with the help of Onscreen commands:

  • In the first step, simply launch the settings app with no fail.
  • And there in the list, simply select standby mode very well.

Changing Auto-Sleep Settings

Till now we have seen manually turning off Apple tv, now let us go with auto-sleep settings. This option mainly controls when the device automatically goes to sleep mode after a certain amount of inactivity. Also, one can say it as saving a lot of power to the greater extent.


In order to change the settings, simply follow the below instructions carefully with no doubt.

  • Firstly, launch the settings app.
  • Choose General available in the form of a list.
  • And again there you select how quickly you would like to make your apple tv into sleep mode after being inactive. As there you observe some options like Never, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, or 10 hours.
  • The option you select get automatically saved.
  • This is how the auto-sleep settings work in a more fast and accurate way.

How to Turn On Apple TV

When your Apple TV is in sleep mode, it is very much easy to make it turn On. All the thing you have to do is simply grab the remote control and press any button with no fail. Observe whether your Apple tv got the light in front of Apple tv that blinks greatly.


How to turn on apple tv without remote:

And when you use the Remote app on iOS instead of choosing standard remote control. Now, launch the app and press any of the on-screen buttons. That’s all!!!!!!!

Apple TV Won’t Turn On: How to Solve

Unable to turn on your Apple Tv? Or are you helpless to check what exactly the issue behind it? Well, just once if you feel as your Apple tv won’t turn on, crosscheck the below bullet lists with no fail.


  • Crosscheck the power cord.
  • Verify your HDMI cable.
  • Do check your television or receiver settings.
  • Try switching to another display mode.
  •  If you still need help, simply contact nearby Apple support with no fail.


I hope till now you got some idea about how to turn off Apple tv and thyen again turn on with simple instructions. Follow them carefully and apply now. If you have any doubts, drop a comment on the below section. We will help you with no fail. Like the article, share with friends and also on social networking sites without any fail. Thank you. Stay in touch with ttop10 for more interesting and useful tutorials.