How to Watch Movies on Kodi & Kodi Movie Streaming

Know about how to watch movies on kodi. Kodi is the best app through which you can stream videos, music, anime, live channels like ESPN, HBO and all other using the add-ons. With Kodi TV we can watch our favourite thing while connecting it with TV. It was a better experience to watch TV without any cable.

So today we are going to know how to watch movies on kodi. With this app, we can enjoy playing unlimited music and videos anytime and anywhere. But, so many of us did not know how to get movies on kodi. For them, this is the tutorial through which you can clearly understand.


how to watch movies on kodi

So, here we can know the process through which we can watch a movie on kodi through add-ons on your Kodi. The process is very easy and also we can search and stream any movie we want. For this purpose, we need to add an add-on called exodus. Exodus is a similar plugin through which you can be able to get kodi movie streamingby that you can search and watch unlimited movies whenever you want you can see espn on kodi for movies. The following are the steps to download this Exodus into your Device.

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How to Find Movies on Kodi?

As we all know that the Kodi has a special platform called add-on in which we can add several add-ons do that we can enjoy unlimited music and movies and also enjoy watching movies on kodi. An add-on is nothing but, an app used in a smartphone. As the app is to the Phone, the add-on is to the Kodi TV. There are plenty of add-ons available in Kodi Skins and also we can be able to get them through the kodi app.

As now we are using Exodus add-on, then we have to simply download the add-on by following the below given steps. You can also add it to the home page and can use it directly from theirs, just as the shortcut. The installation process of Exodus is given here. Mean while see top 15 torrenting sites for movies which are available for free.

How to Install Exodus add-on on Kodi?

Exodus is just an Add-on in the Kodi in which we can get kodi free movies and then play them on Kodi. As it is a third party add-on and is not affiliated with the kodi, then we have to follow the process given below, through which you have to download the Exodus.


kodi movie streaming

Steps to get Exodus & how to watch movies on kodi?

  • Open kodi and then click on “Settings” Icon in the Kodi.
  • Then go to File manager and then select “Add source“.

how to find movies on kodi

  • In that, you have to type the following URL
  • Then, Rename it as Fusion, so that you can easily upload it later.
  • Now, come back from that to home of Kodi and then Go to the Main menu and click on Add-ons.
  • Here, click on the Package installer icon which appears on the top left. And then select “Install from zip file.
  • Now tap on the Fusion, which we have saved and then follow this path, Fusion >> Kodi repos >> English.

how to watch new movies on kodi

  • In that list of repos, you can find the
  • Now, a window will appear to install or update on the screen.
  • Click on Install from the repository and then select “Exodus repository“, then click on “Video add-ons”.

how to get movies on kodi

  • Now select exodus and install it. Now you can use it anytime you want to watch the movies and other programs.

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Final words

So friends, today we are going to Know How to watch movies on Kodi. And also I have given a clear description about how to watch movies by using the add-ons option in the kodi. If you found this article helpful then share it with your friends. Also please comment your experience with using this process by knowing how to watch movies on kodi in the comment box provided below. Thank you for spending your time with us this longer, keep coming to our site to get more posts. Thank you, I will be back with more interesting stuff in my next article.