Instagram Promotional Tricks that Really Work

Instagram Promotional Tricks: Instagram is a fast growing platform which managed to win a huge audience of followers in a couple of years. In this regard, the attractiveness of this SNS is also growing among average people, among business people, among bloggers and celebrities. It is on Instagram, where it’s especially vital for us to be successful. If stars and celebs have their own army of fans. The average person will have to put a lot of effort to get someone interested in his or her profile and to persuade people to follow it.

Some people dream of promoting their page out of vanity. They want to show that their lives are no worse and maybe better than others. But there is a huge category of people who use Instagram as a platform for advertising their products and services.


Instagram Promotional Tricks

Here you can find a considerable number of photographers, freelancers, and masters of various directions who actively promote themselves on IG and find new clients here. In addition, they can set a fee for placing advertising posts and thus, monetize their account. Let’s take a look at all major methods to get success on IG from curious content on out to Instagram bot. Game on!

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Method #1 Interesting content

If you tend to promote your profile without financial investment, then you have to work hard at choosing interesting and high-quality content of your IG blog.

It requires to be creative. Upload interesting photos and videos and make them stunning. Carefully write captions for each post. They should be without any misspellings and lexical mistakes.

Another “trick” is to correctly determine the time of publication so that followers to see your post guaranteed. It is believed that the best time for posting is 12, 15, and 22 pm. However, you should be guided not by the general rules, but by your own followers. When do they view the Feed? It is easy to find it out using the analytical tool of IG bots. If you have at least 100-200 followers, you can simply try to make posts at different times and see when publications are gaining more views and likes.


Moreover, such bots usually possess the feature of scheduled posting of which you can make some use. As for your general strategy, regular content is not less important than its appealing nature.

Remember, unique and “in-time” content is the key to the success of any IG account.

Method #2 Hashtags

Although the use of tags on some social networks is almost useless, on IG, it is necessary. As I’ve already said, it is essential to write captions with tags for each photo, and do not forget to put geolocation tags as well.

That will increase the chances that your content will be easier to find in the app’s search engine. And the more often your page will be visited by new IG users, the more likely they will become your followers, and the higher your ranking will be.

Instagram Hashtag generator

Think of one or two of your hashtags, which will be added to all your publications. Others should be more narrow and thematic tags suitable only for this particular photo.

A little trick: use hashtags generator to produce proper tags for your posts. That’s faster and more decent as it uses AI algorithms to come up with relevant tags by a photo or a keyword, and by URL as well.

Method #3 Mass-following

Another option for you to draw people’s attention to the profile is to devote your attention to them. If you go to a page of a stranger, put a few likes under his photos and comment on them, then, most likely, it will motivate a person to respond and take a mutual interest.

Use IG bot to automate the whole process of liking and following. With it, you will save your time, and what is more important, you will save your efforts which you can direct to something more vital.

Meanwhile, that’s the most efficient means to grow your audience fast.

Method #4 Entrust the promotion to those who know oats in it

It might be useful to have friends and acquaintances who are also engaged in the promotion of their IG accs. Even if you do not have such friends, you can find them (on IG, it’s easy.)

Find a potential long-term partner (a person who also wants to be promoted), team-up with him or her. Such cooperation can be expressed in the fact that from time to time, you will advertise each other’s profiles. Constantly look for new people for collaboration and cooperation. Do not be afraid to write them DM with an offer.

Method #5 Order the advertisement on other user’s profiles

You can order advertisement directly on IG accounts with a broad audience and of “high rank”. As a rule, bloggers themselves are actively interested in adverts and announce their tariffs for the placement of advertising posts readily. Take a mental note, it makes sense to advertise only on those profiles that are actively visited by your target audience.

To conclude, get a move on, imply those tips in your promotional strategy. You will satisfy yourself on the efficiency of them. But now I wish you good luck!