How To Install Kodi On Chromecast

Kodi is an open source software designed for home entertainment which is of free. You can stream any thing on this using the kodi chromecast. The presence of kodi on chromecast may bring a lot of entertainment in app. Using the chromecast kodi we can say simply its a app of tv. You can browse any thing from here. Many of the users doesn’t know install kodi on chromecast. After the launch of this kodi app, many new softwares are also evolved to present the present in a great way. Among them chromecast is also one which it gives the best streaming, with this you can stream kodi to chromecast and enjoy live tv.

Many people have a question that can you install kodi on chromecast, probably this article will give the solution for them. Here we are providing a complete guide on how to install kodi on chromecast using the smartphones and browsers.


install kodi on chromecast

The main issue arises when you don’t know which browser to use or whoch device you need to use. But this cast kodi to chromecast has been designed for each and every device that is having the latest version of operating system. In this article you can know more about how to cast kodi to chromecast for all devices. You can check more for how to jailbreak chromecast and chromecast kodi from pc.

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Install kodi on Chromecast

You can use any one of the methods to install the kodi to chromecast. By using the kodi with chromecast does not have any trouble in dealing. Also the skins will not change if you kodi for chromecast. Below are the two methods to install kodi on chromecast.

  • Install Kodi on a Chromecast using a tablet or Android phone.
  • Install Kodi on a Chromecast using a computer.

You can use any of the methods for kodi. For kodi android chromecast you can use the android phone method and to install chromecast on kodi iphone you need to jailbreak chromecast.



How to install Kodi on Chromecast using a tablet or Android phone

How to install kodi on android phone is the major query, in order to install kodi on chromecast stick you need to follow the steps below. Here is the step by step process to install kodi in chromecast for android smartphones.

  • First step is to download the ES File Explorer, Kodi App, Local Cast and Player FactoryCore on your device.
  • Now open the ES File explorer, go to settings and select display and select the show hidden files.
  • Now connect the kodi or XMBC media center to the kodi app.
  • Go to ES File Explorer and open downloads folder.
  • Check for playerfactorycore.xml that you have downloaded first. If not see where your downloads will be.
  • Now copy the playerfactorycore.xml file and move to your android. Now look for the org.xbmc.kodi or org.xbmc.xbmc depending the streamer you are using. Mostly kodi will be org.xbmc.kodi.
  • Open the files .kodi or .xmbc depending on which you have used and then paste the playerfactorycore.xml in this folder.
  • Now open the kodi and move to the video file which you want to watch.
  • Kodi will launch the localcast and will ask you to use which casting app. Once loaded it will prompt, Press Play and the streaming will start.
  • It will ask for the device to select, choose any of the device which you want to use and then click play again.
  • Finally your video will be played on your device.

How to install Kodi on Chromecast using a computer

You can chrome cast kodi using your computer or laptop, check the steps below to get the kodi chromecast on pc.

  • First download chrome and chromecast extension and also ensure that you have kodi app or XBMC installed on your pc or laptop.
  • Install the chrome cast extension on your web browser.
  • Now open the chrome and select cast option in the Chromecast extension settings.
  • Check for the Cast this tab to… in the right, it will be a small arrow button. Click on it and select Cast entire screen.
  • Now your desktop will be streaming to your tv.
  • Open the kodi or xmbc and select the video you want to watch.

Thats it now you can see the videos on your tv with this chromecast.

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Hope you have got how to install chromecast on kodi using the android and pc, now you can watch any of your videos with streaming. Many of the users wiil know can i install kodi on chromecast with this tutorial. In case if your chromecast with kodi is not working then you can simply comment us below, we will solve your issue. Visit ttop10 for more articles.