How to install Kodi on fire stick with PC

Install Kodi on fire stick with PC: The term Kodi is one of the best and known as powerful as well as a versatile player for all the users. Here, one can access the local videos, music files stored on the hard drive can download the multiple and different add-ons, accessing the huge amount of content through online and much more. This Kodi can be installed on PCs, laptops, MAc, Linux, Android Smartphones, TV Streamers and much more. Installing the new or latest version of Kodi on firestick with pc is not that difficult and nowhere we add the other device or connect another device to PC.

 install kodi on firestick with pc


Most of the users are unaware and come up with the query as for how to install Kodi on firestick with pc. If you install this kodi then you can watch unlimited movies and listen to the music for free. This kodi on firestick provides a great offers for your kids and you can use the different methods to install this kodi app on your android tv.

Also, few people are unaware about how to install Kodi on firestick with mac. For doing so, require an Amazon account to get access the free app downloader. If needed, the free trial account can be created and used. Through the best VPN, they are suggested to use Kodi as it gives the security as well the privacy in a greater way. We are here to provide the best methods to install Kodi on firestick with pc for free. So that user can gain some knowledge regarding the installation process as well suggest the user prefer always with the best VPN.

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Different methods for Install Kodi on fire stick with PC

The following are the methods to install Kodi on firestick with the computer. Maximum users preferring these methods can get the best solution for how to install Kodi on firestick with the computer. And also can access the tutorial for free.

  • Using Fire TV
  • ADB Debugging
  • Apps2Fire

Using Fire TV

An Easy way is one of the best ways for installing Kodi on firestick with pc. Adding Kodi to firestick with pc is the best part that helps you to install without any fail. Follow the below steps carefully so that can get success in the installation process.

  • The very first step is one has to plug the Amazon Fire TV Stick on TV as well connecting the USB power cable to the port through the power adapter.
  • Thereafter go to settings, system as well choose developer options. One has to make sure unknown sources is enabled. If not, go to settings, choose Advance settings, and enable the checkbox mentioned for unknown sources.
  • Now, go to home screen, install the downloader app which can be seen in the list mentioned under the popular fire tv apps section.
  • Open the downloader and search for, then click on go button.
  • Therefore, can see the multiple versions related to Kodi. Now select ARM 32-bit link.
  • Once after the file gets successfully downloaded, click install to go further.
  • The very next will see the black Kodi screen. Select All nd then click on install appeared at the bottom of the screen.
  • One can have a look in the notification bar as Application installed successfully.
  • Now, go back to the home screen, so that you can see the Kodi among the various apps.
  • Finally, Kodi has been installed and seen on the Fire TV Stick.
  • The above are the steps provided and help the user in guiding without any fail. If you still face the same issues, can install in other ways as guided below.



ADB Debugging

ADB Debugging is one of the best methods that work in downloading the Kodi Apk file in the system as well one can say through the ADB, can install the file on the fire stick. The following are the steps where every individual has to follow to get installed successfully.

  • One has to put Kodi on firestick with pc. To do so, go for settings page, system and choose developer options.
  • Now, make sure in verifying unknown sources whether it is enabled or disabled. If it is disabled, then click on the checkbox to make it enabled.
  • Also, switch on the ADB Debugging without any fail.
  • Now, the next step one has to follow the path as settings->System->about->network. So that can get the fire stick’s IP address easily.
  • Now again turn on your laptop, click on download Android ARM Apk file. For doing so, download adblink. Open the link and press new.
  • Then the user has to select fire stick name, enter the IP address and click on save button.
  • Click on connect so that IP address of the fire stick get listed in connected devices.
  • One has to highlight the device and click on install APK. Then locate the APK file where you have downloaded earlier. Select it.
  • Then tap on yes if the user is very much likely to install.
  • The user can see as ADB running that appears on the bottom right of the window. And the user can see in the notification bar as installation is completed successfully. Click on OK button.
  • Therefore, one can see the Kodi available on Amazon fire stick successfully.
  • If you see the same and faces the difficulty of the installation process, has to try using Apps2Fire and follow the below steps carefully, so that can download without any fail.



Most of the users are facing difficulty for how to install Kodi on firestick using a computer. An individual can install the Kodi on Amazon TV Stick from Android with the help of an Apps2fire app. This sends the Android packages from the phone to Fire TV Stick and triggering the ADB command line tools which help us to install automatically. For doing so successfully, follow the below steps carefully and one can get access for free.You can Install Kodi on fire stick with PC:

  • The very step one has to follow is download fire stick on pc as well install the Apps2Fire app on the phone without any fail.
  • Now, one has to use firestick on pc and go to Settings->device->developer options.
  • The very next step is one has to make a look on settings whether both the unknown options as well the ADB Debugging is enabled or not. If not enable it by selecting the checkbox without any fail.
  • Thereafter go to Settings-> device-> about-> network and one need to make a note the fire tv sticks IP address successfully.
  • Now the next step is to download and also install the Kodi on Android.
  • Thereafter open the Apps2Fire, tap on setup and enter the IP address on Fire TV. Click on save.
  • Thereafter select Kodi so that one can install on Fire TV stick without any fail.


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Finally, we are here to provide the best three ways for how to install Kodi on firestick with PC without any fail. Any individual can access for free and learn it in the easiest way. This is because we here have mentioned in clear and understandable format. If you have any doubt, comment on the below section. Visit ttop10 to get more information.