How to Install Watch5S in Kodi

Watch5s is among the best Addons for Kodi among those used to watch movies. It has a huge library of movies and not only has recent movies, but you can also watch movies from many years ago. In this guide we will see the steps to install Watch5s in Kodi.

It is important to note that although the Addon Watch5S is no longer in its old one, called StremHub, its creator has moved it to a new repository.


How to Install Watch5S in Kodi

In this guide we will see the steps to install the Addon in the new repository.

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How to Install the Watch5s in Kodi 17 Krypton

To install Watch5s in Kodi 17 follow these steps:

Open Kodi and go to the Settings section by clicking on the gear icon. Next, click on the File Manager  and double click on Add Source.

Install Watch5S in Kodi


Click on the field where it says  <None> and type the following URL: Click on OK and give this source the name of “Cazwall”. Click on OK.

Watch5S in Kodi

Return to the Kodi main menu by pressing Escape several times. Click on Addons. Then click on the Installer Installer (Package Installer), which has a box icon.

Select the option to  Install from ZIP file (Install from Zip File), choose  Repository  and locate “”.

Go to  Install from Repository (Install from Repository). Click  Watch5s  and go to Video Add-ons. Choose  Watch5s  and click Install.

You should wait a bit for a confirmation message to appear. Then go to the Kodi main menu and select Add-ons. Choose Add-ons for Video (Video Add-ons) and click on Watch5s.

This is all; Watch5s will already be installed.


Let’s see now how to install the Addon in Kodi 16 Jarvis.

How to Install Watch5s in Kodi 16 Jarvis

The steps to follow are almost the same as we have followed to install it in Kodi 17 Krypton. Only some elements of the interface change, as well as the layout of the menus. To install Watch5s in Kodi 16 follow these steps:

  • Start Kodi and click on the System icon. Open the Achivos Manager (File Manager)  and double click on Add Source.
  • Click on <None>  and enter the URL in the field for it. Click on OK and type Cazwall as the name of the source. Accept and click on OK again.
  • Press the Escape key until you return to the main menu and go to  System -> Add-ons -> Install from ZIP file (Install from Zip File).
  • Select the repository and click on repository
  • Click Install from Repository (Install from Repository) and then Watch5s. Open the Add-ons for Video (Video Add-ons) and select Fantastic. Click Install and wait for the Addon to install.
  • Go to the Kodi main menu and select Add-ons -> Add-ons. You can see  Watch5s, so click on it and that’s it.

Let’s see now also how to install Kodi by downloading the .zip file.

How to install the Watch5s by downloading the ZIP file

To install Watch5s from a .zip file you must download it from this URL:

Once you have downloaded the file, you should follow these steps:

  • Open Kodi and go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon. Click Install from Zip (Install from Zip File). Select the downloaded file by clicking on the file  (or on the name that has the file downloaded). Wait for a confirmation message to appear.
  • Click  Install from Repository (Install from Repository) and then select the “Simply Caz Repo” repository. Click Install and wait for a confirmation message to appear.

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And with these simple steps we will have finished.