Why my iPhone is not turning on

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iPhone Not turning ON

iPhone Won’t Turn ON: Your iPhone 6s not turning on and I know you must be sad that you are not able to access your iPhone. You iPhone can’t not turn on due to several reasons which we will look at in the latter part of the article. Your iPhone 5s won’t turn on basically because of 2 major possible reasons one can be software crash and other is hardware issues. So we have to debug whether it is hardware of a software issue. Also do remember to check first your lightning cable and charger before going to these steps. You should ensure that you have tried charging with another charger or lightning cable then only proceed for below explained steps. Also look for physical or liquid damages because they can sometime become major issues and won’t allow your iPhone to start. So now we are going to let u know main points that Why won’t my iPhone 6 turn on and then your iPhone may turn on.


Why my iPhone is not turning on

  1. Charge your Phone

You should first charge your iPhone if your iPhone 6 won’t turning on. You should plug in the charger or plug your iPhone in laptop and leave it for about 20 minutes. In some cases you will observe that your iPhone turned on and it happened because of battery drain. Also if that won’t work try charging with different charger or cable, if it turned on then its good and if it won’t then we have to look for other ways to debug what exactly is the issue.

  1. Restart iPhone

If iPhone 6 will turn on for you then it is really treacherous task to find out the issue. If charging your battery is not working for you then you and try restarting your iPhone? You should hold its on/off key for some seconds. If your iPhone would be off then it will turn on and if it will be on then it will be ask you to turn off the iPhone. Turn it on and off 2 times. For some cases it will work and it is definitely going to make you happy. But sometimes iPhone won’t turn on when there is some serious software issue. In that case we have to look for some other alternative.


Why my iPhone is not turning on

  1. Hard reset the iPhone

If restarting your iPhone is not helping much then in that case we have to follow the hard reset in order to turn on your iPhone. It is similar to reset but along with that it will clear device’s memory. Let’s see what procedure you need to follow in order to hard reset your iPhone.

  • You have to hold the on/off key and hone button at same time for 10 seconds.
  • If nothing happen even after pressing both keys for 10 seconds then we have to look for other software or hardware crash.
  • If slider appeared then hold the buttons for some more time.
  • White apple logo will pop up and then let your iPhone start.
  • But in some cases if your iPhone 6 not turning on, then proceed to other steps.
  1. Restore iPhone to Factory Settings

One alternative is to restore your iPhone to Factory Settings as it will erase all data and settings on your iPhone. In some cases it solves many problems and for restoring what you have to do is explained below.

  • Plug in the iPhone’s cable and connect it to lightning Connector Port and then you have to press the Home button.
  • When you have held the home button then plug the other end of cable in your computer.
  • This is going to open iTunes in your computer and then put your iPhone in recovery mode and then your iPhone is going to be restored.
  • In maximum cases it solves problem of “my iPhone 6 won’t turn on” and your iPhone is going to turn on.
  1. iPhone in DFU Mode

Sometimes your iPhone 6 won’t turn on or charge because it is not able to boot up properly. This can happen generally after you have jailbreak your iPhone. If this is the actually problem then you can put your iPhone in DFU mode.

  • First you have to plug your iPhone in the computer and you have to press the on/off button for about 3 seconds.
  • Now again hold the on/off button and home button for about 10 seconds. Now you have to release the on/ off button but keep holding the home button for another 5 seconds.
  • If black screen comes so you are in DFU mode. Instructions will appear on screen which you have to follow in order to turn on your iPhone.
  1. Reset Proximity Sensor

Sometimes your screen is black and your iPhone 6s won’t turn on because your proximity sensor isn’t working properly/ it decreases the light of screen so much that it appears to be dull and black. What you can do is follow below steps if your iPhone 5 won’t turn on.

  • Hold the home and on/ off key in order to start your iPhone.
  • Then go to Settings and then to General.
  • From there go to Reset and there select reset all settings.
  • Your iPhone’s screen will become fine again.

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After following these even if your iPhone won’t turn on then immediately contact iPhone Store and get your iPhone repaired. All the best!!