How to Know if You have been Blocked on Instagram

When someone follows us Instagram launches a notification in style indicating that a certain profile follows you. Before this you ask yourself do you want to follow this user? You decline or accept. However we have no way of knowing how to block you on Instagram.

Unlike other social networks that if indicated, Instagram still does not reach those extremes. Usually this happens with accounts that bore us and see, but we do not want to stop for that we apply the blocking option. This action becomes the biggest secret between you and Instagram.


Blocked on Instagram

If you are a person who likes to investigate and you want to know who had the audacity to block you the platform allows it. For that we must make a series of steps to get to know the traitor who claims to be our friend, but does not want to know about us.

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Steps to Know if you have Blocked on Instagram

Those who are looking for Instagram answers to know who has blocked them, you should not despair anymore. Now we can know and only by taking a few simple steps.

If you are one of those who always seek to know more than allowed, you may not know the secret of eternal youth. However you will learn how to know if you have been blocked on Instagram:

  • As the platform does not send us notifications related to the subject, the search depends on us. All through signs that show what we fear the most and that someone blocked us from Instagram
  • In case If we suspect someone the first thing is to look for their user in the search engine of the application. And if you do not appear in the search and you know from a good source that you did not delete your account, we present you with the first sign of blocking.
  • If you want to inquire more and be completely sure, you must enter from your computer to Instagram. From there you look for the profile of the user that has stopped being your friend and if this one appears, it is public and it lets us enter, then forget the tango that Gardel has died.
  • The reason for going to the computer is that the user has blocked you from your mobile through the application. However from the desktop has not yet done so and that’s why it appears.
  • From the computer you will notice that despite seeing your profile, you do not follow it. In addition trying to follow it can not be achieved by the blocking mode that Instagram uses. It is a very effective system that prevents unwanted users from trying to access the account.
  • If you are a victim of this blockade there is no other way but to begin to forget this person and let everything flow. Also you should not take an attitude of wanting to tag and mention unknown users in your photos, this is really annoying.
  • Another way to detect it is through the DM (direct messages) where we can know if this person still loves us. If I have sent you at any time in messages, it will be empty if I block you.

With these completely manual steps we can do a very fruitful research work. The result is to know if you have been blocked from Instagram. To improve this method a bit we must wait for the social network to do something and notify it.


If you want to block someone you are in all your rights, but keep in mind that it could be someone who cares a lot and will find a way to know what happened. In that case the persecutor becomes persecuted.

Learn About other Easier Ways to Block

A blocking method that is allowed on Instagram is to prevent you from seeing the stories. With this we do not stop being friends, but you would limit the visualization of Instagram stories.

instagram stories

But it is a more archaic procedure than the previous one because Instagram does not report this either. However our detective skills will float and with our super strategy we will be able to discover who does not let us see their stories.

  • All part of a simple intuition where we will look for the user that we believe will not let us see their stories.
  • If when reviewing who see our stories we find that there is a missing person who did not miss seeing them, we already have the first indication.
  • The idea is to create stories at all times and check if this user appears. To be sure we must do it for a long time to rule out the situation better.
  • If the user does not appear in the morning, afternoon, night; Monday, Wednesday, Friday night, welcome to the block wall.

In spite of being the only existing form (until Instagram allows us to know it in an automated way) to know if we have been blocked from the stories. It is not a reliable method, but it is the beginning as our detective job.

Why do we Block Instagram Profiles

People who use this social network seek to know and be informed quickly of what is happening in the world. They also look for entertainment, doing business and meeting people. However in this world there is everything and social networks are not the exception.

In real life or the offline world we have the bad luck to meet unwanted people that we can not block. To stop seeing them we must resort to larger instances such as court orders. But still we can run into her.

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In the virtual world this option is very recurrent among users and the reasons are several. If you have ever acted or been in contact with people like this, it is best to block them:

  • People harassing others with messages, comments and photos
  • That they tag you or mention people you know or do not know constantly
  • If you see advertising that you do not want to see
  • If you run into grotesque publications of people you follow
  • By not uploading quality content or being a scam
  • We just do not want to know anything about that person

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