How to Know IMEI and Serial Number of iPhone

Want to know about the imei number iphone. If your iPhone is stolen or if it is damaged and you want to use the warranty it is very likely that they will ask for your iphone’s serial number or your IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity). There are several ways to find out some more practical than another, so take note from us and know how to check iphone serial number.

There is a possibility that we need to identify our (or any other person’s) mobile device. How can we do it? Well for that and considering us for iPhone Update, we would need to know what the IMEI of this iPhone is. In addition to the method available on any device, Apple allows us to find out that code in five different ways.


imei number iphone

The IMEI code consists of a total of 15 figures, a figures that are sometimes separated from each other which can help us to copy it better. The figures that make up an IMEI number are obtained using the algorithm and created by the scientist whose function is to avoid human errors when introducing it in some medium, such as in a mobile device. In this article we will try to clear all the doubts you may have regarding this important code and will lets know the iphone imei check free online.

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What is IMEI Number

If the mobile phones had registration, that registration would be your IMEI. The IMEI code of a telephone ( International Mobile System Equipment Identity ) is the code that identifies the device unequivocally worldwide and is transmitted by the device to the network when connecting to it. This code is used in case of theft or loss to lock the device remotely in which case the thief would have a device that he could not use.

Know the IMEI of an iPhone

There are five ways to know the IMEI of your iPhone:

Physically in the phone

The original iPhone and the iPhone 5 have recorded the IMEI on the lower back of the phone. If your phone has broken down or does not turn on, it is the most useful way to access this number. On the iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S, the IMEI is marked on the SIM tray that you can extract with a clip.


Dialing the number * # 06 #

Mark this combination of numbers as if you were making a call and the number will appear on the screen. It is useful since it is the method used by almost all phones.

iphone imei number check

In settings

It is possible to consult the IMEI in Settings> General> Information> IMEI in iOS. The advantage of this method is that if you keep pressing on the number you can copy it and paste it in another application.

iphone imei number check

Calling your operator

If you do not have your mobile operators usually store the IMEI of your phone, especially if it has been provided by the company itself.

In iTunes

In this if you connect the phone to iTunes, in the summary screen, the IMEI appears by pressing once on the phone number.

Know the Serial Number of an iPhone

The serial number of the iPhone is an internal Apple number that the company uses to know what phone model you have and the status of your warranty, repairs etc. You can find out in several ways:

Physically on the phone

Only the original iPhone has the number recorded on the back. No later model has it so you can not use this method.

In settings

Settings> General> Information> Serial number. To copy it keep the number pressed.

In iTunes

It appears by default below the phone number. To copy it, press the right button and choose the only option that appears.

Checking the purchase receipt or invoice

If you have purchased the free phone, Apple includes the serial number on all purchase tickets or invoices. Search your email as it is very likely that you have a digital copy of it.

Can I Change the IMEI of the iPhone

Yes but from an old version of Windows. Why can we want to change the IMEI of a phone? We might want to change this code if we bought an iPhone from the ancients abroad since we could have acquired something with an invalid number in our country. Of course I would not recommend touching anything if the iPhone does not give us any problems. That is we will do “if it works or do not touch it”.

Changing the IMEI of an iPhone is a simple process that is achieved. We will do it by performing the following steps:

  • Download ZiPhone.
  • Unzip the file downloaded in the previous step and leave it on the desktop.
  • Click on the Windows Start button, open Run and write “cmd” without the quotes.
  • Write ” cd desktop / ziphone “, without the quotes in the search field and press Enter.
  • We connect the iPhone to the computer.
  • Put the phone in DFU mode. For this we press the power button and the start button until we see the Apple logo then release the power button and keep the start button pressed until we see the iTunes logo with the cable.
  • We write “Ziphone -u -ia 123456789012345” (always without the quotes) in the command prompt. We will have to change the numbers of the IMEI that we want in the previous code.
  • Wait for the program to find the zibri.tad file and restart it. Once started, we will be using the new IMEI.

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With this you have know iphone imei number check and serial number check for your iphone. If you have more other information simply share with us and visit our ttop10 website for more content on iphones and ipads.