Kodi Not Working & Kodi Not Loading issue Solved

Kodi not working: The Kodi is one of the ultimate and powerful used for all the various users. One can access all the local videos, music files which is very much stored on the hard drive. Also, an individual can download the unique as well the different add-ons accessing the larger content through online and also watch espn free. This Kodi can be installed on various devices say PCs, laptops, Mac, Linux, Android smartphones and much more.

Installing the new or the latest version of Kodi is available on firestick with pc you can use best kodi skins and change the look of kodi. This is not that difficult and nowhere we add the other device or connect another device to PC.


kodi not working

You can simply check the issues of fire stick kodi not working and also many of the users have a query of why is kodi not working?? For all those questions you will get the simply answers from us. If you follow this guide then you can see the results of solving the issues by urself. Check complete issues of kodi.

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Kodi Not Working Troubleshoot Issues

But more recently, has come up with various issues say kodi not working or else kodi 17.1 not working listed as shown below.

  • Overheating
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Glitch
  • Network

The above are the certain issues with kodi that can be solved by following simple methods. You can use kodi on chromecast and watch the live tv.


Overheating is the common issue among others. This is one of the reasons that might lead to the bug as kodi search not workingTo get rid out of the issue, the user has to get the fan and plug it in pointing the firestick. One can make a look on the Amazon Firestick as it is quite and appears in small size. And therefore it generates a lot of heat and nowhere uses the active heat dispersion method like air cooling.


The simple thing one has to do is buy the fan so that it cools little down while streaming the movies without the firestick. If the user is not known about the firestick overheating, can touch and feel it. So that you might know as it is overheating.

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Internet Service Provider

At times, internet service provider might lead to the blocking of Kodi streamers.  Many users are not known and come up with the query as what’s wrong with kodi. Maximum of ISPs provide the limit about the amount of Kodi streaming data and allows the user to receive in more precisely. One has to use the best VPN for fixing it. Through the VPN, one can encrypt all the sent as well the received data.

Therefore, one can stream and said to be totally unviewable and all the third parties. One might use the Kodi VPN setup video for providing the actual setup in the device. One can enjoy the entire privacy, security, and also the anonymity at the time of browsing.


Here we go with the another issue encountered say glitch or other. One has to reinstall the Kodi and TV add-ons to make an attempt and fix it. Follow the below steps carefully and reinstall the Kodi as well the  TV add-ons to get firestick work again.

  • The very first step is one has to reinstall Kodi as well the TV add-ons.
  • In addition, if you have the newer fire stick, one can install various apps from the fire tv app store. Do so by searching individually with the help of voice remote.
  • To get reinstalled successfully go to System-> Applications-> manage installed applications.
  • Now, one has to go for Kodi and remove the installed application.
  • Once it gets removed, install the Kodi once again to make use of it without any fail.

Network issue

This arises at the time of losing the connection to the network. This is a very common issue that leads to Kodi not loading. This is because as WiGi available in the firestick is good. And also it possesses the limited range for accessing it.

  • One has to close the firestick initially.
  • Now move the firestick very much closer to the Wifi router.
  • The user has to eliminate the obstacles between the firestick as well the router.
  • One has to get the newer and if it leads to overheating issue, consider above steps.
  • And fix it by adding the small fan to the firestick.
  • Most of the times, simpler or cheper routers leads to the current issue and get overheated.
  • So one has to make sure and buy the best among others without any fail.

These are the certain issues encountered for Kodi working stuck. Once the user has to make a look, learn, do and get rid out of the issue in a greater extent. Some of the issues may also arise when you go for kodi addon installer and install the new addons on your device. You can also recheck your addons if you have such issues. In case after doing this even your kodi is not working the you need to re install kodi, for that check below.

How to Re Install Kodi

This occurs when your kodi 17.1 not working or the other versions are not working. In this case you need to re install the kodi app. Follow the steps below:

  • First uninstall the kodi and then reinstall on the amazon firestick.
  • In the fire TV home screen go to System >> Applications >> Manage Installed Applications.
  • Go to kodi and select Remove installed application.
  • Once the kodi app is removed, simply install the kodi again and start using it. You can see how to install kodi on firestick with pc you can also use this method to install the kodi app.


Finally, we are here to provide the simple steps for the issues likely kodi not playing video, kodi not working on windows encountered without any fail. Any individual can access for free and learn it in the easiest way. This is because we here have mentioned in clear and understandable format. If you have any doubt, comment on the below section. Visit ttop10 to get more information.