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Apps to Measure Distances

Want an app to measure distance in feet, then you can simply use your android or iphone smartphone and get the measure distance app with which you can easily measure the distance either by walking or when you are in a ride. Here we are going to provide the measuring distance app for your smartphone.

There are some apps to measure distance with which you can simply calculate the distance. If you were travelling and want to estimate the distance of your travelling then you can use these apps and know the distance.


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Below are apps that measure distance when you are either walking or going on a bike or car. With these application you can see the distances. Check below for more information on best app to measure distance.

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Best Measure Distance App for Smartphone

Here we will give you a list of the best applications to measure distances, which are easy to use and practical. These applications can be used to measure terrain surfaces, perimeters, measure buildings or monuments, route measurement, balancing, angle measurement, level. Here we present the best list of distance measuring apps.

GPS Planimeter

Gps planimeter is a best distance measuring app. Working with GPS and Google Maps, you can get accurate data of what we should measure. By having a good fast and simple interface, you can record the perimeter, angle, area and distance data of an environment in just a few seconds. You only have to place thumbtacks or markers on the map, indicating the area that we want to use with our GPS, with the data connection, or through search results. In turn, you can obtain freehand measurements and capture the map with the marks of interest or without any type of measurement. It is an app to measure distances very flexible and intuitive that is worth trying.

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As in the previous application, it provides data on the extensions, areas and distances on the land. AndMeasure is a bit easier to use, but it does not offer as many details as Planimeter, things that we really are not going to use. Something that is very good about this application, is that it works with almost any measurement format, making it a tool of universal use that works with the placement of marks on the map in a very practical and simple way. Either to measure a terrain or to know how long it can take to travel a certain route, this tool is excellent for all types of professionals, hikers and anyone who simply needs to know what is the distance from a point Y, to a point X.

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Rangefinder: Smart Distance

This is one of the most complete distance measuring apps. This application uses your camera and the motion sensors of your Smartphone to calculate approximate, although very accurate, distances and heights. This application is different from the others, since it does not use the Google maps system, so it is not intended to make routes, but to know directly by the camera, the distance between a visible point and your position, including the height of the indicated objective.

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Smart Measure PRO

This application to measure distance is a professional version of the previous app, which works together with a professional measurement team that will facilitate the collection of data through your Android. It is considered as a measure distance app that every one uses more.

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Smart Tools

This is what you will have with this app to measure distances: measurement of lengths, angles, slopes and levels. So you will also use your smartphone in the true sense of the word, since all these types of tools generate utility depending on the development or project you are carrying out. If you are a profession in engineering or architecture, this app will be of great help in your life. Available on Google Play.

Tool Box

For users a little more knowledgeable of measurement systems and aspects that are already necessary in the sciences and engineering; Toolbox is the option that groups them all and has even a compass. The importance of having applications that measure, is that you will always have at your disposal an element of great precision, a key aspect in any calculation that involves the use of formulas that are fed with those data of lengths, among others provided by ToolBox . Available for you to try on Android.

Rule (Ruler)

One of the simplest but most powerful applications to measure distances that exist in Google Play. In addition to the measure, you will have the possibility of making conversions between them. This app has been tested on different screens in order to determine that there are no errors. It is a very useful app and does not contain annoying advertising or hidden costs or charges. Enjoy one of the simplest and best apps to measure distances on Android.

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Measure and Align – 3D Plummet

An application to measure distance something special and quite complex, due to the fact that it is like the old plumb line used to see if an object is properly aligned, as well as other utilities to measure sizes, proportions, distances and volumes. Walk with the phone camera, point to the object you want to measure and align and through some lines you can check this. It is a bit complex to use, but this is due to the function it fulfills, although with some practice of insurance you will learn.

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Map of the tools

This application uses the Google Maps service to make measurements and is very simple to use. Essentially, in the common version, it allows measurements of distance and perimeter. The operation is very simple, marks on the map the points to measure and automatically affirms the distance on the screen. It is the best option to measure distances on the map, which is really useful for measuring land and measuring farms. You can calculate the distance of any terrain on the Google Maps map.

MapPad Pro measure Area Length

Application to measure distance, which allows measuring lengths and perimeters using different services, such as Google Maps, Bing Maps or even the GPS of the phone. To measure you can mark the points on the map or else by GPS location. It is the best option if you want to use the gps to measure land. Among certain functions indicated is that you can export the data in multiple formats, including KML, CSV, GPX and AutoCAD DFX. It is a really useful application, especially for professionals who are dedicated to making measurements and need a quick way to send locations or data they have captured.

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Finally thanks to these apps you can measure distances like a farm or a building using the GPS. Now tell us your What applications do you use in these cases? The measure distance app are given by us you can choose any one of the app and install them on your device. Visit ttop10 for more information.