Mobdro for Kodi – How to Install Mobdro on Kodi [Guide]

Mobdro for Kodi: Mobdro is a free application that is used to broadcast live television series, programs, programs and other popular channels on the Internet for free. And, you knew that Mobdro is available for devices like Mobdro Android, Mobdro iPhone, Mobdro iPad, Mobdro for Mac, Windows Phone and Mobdro Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 / XP. Learn more about the latest version of Mobdro Kodi 2018. This application is in high demand among Kodi users. Use Kodi in the Mobdro app to stream live TV shows, movies, songs and more on larger screen devices.

A regular update of Mobdro is being carried out that keeps us away from the oldest errors. A user can download Mobdro in Kodi and install it on their devices to see the latest in movies and entertainment videos for free. Check, if you are facing any problem like Mobdro in Kodi it does not work and Mobdro Kodi errors in your device and repair them immediately. You will get a complete guide at the end of the article. Read the following for more help.


mobdro for kodi

Mobdro for Kodi is a free open source media player software that used to be XBMC center, manufactured by the XBMC foundation with the GPLv2.0 + license. It is an entertainment center for digital media. Mobdro for Kodi has an impressive graphical user interface that allows us to watch movies, videos, images and songs using some external devices such as pen drive or hard drive, disk drives, Internet and local networks. Mobdro Kodi online free download.

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Oveview Mobdro Kodi

An Android app that was already great is now available for Kodi. Great news for the entire Kodi community. For those who do not know, Mobdro is a TV streaming application that can discover, share, bookmark and capture your favorite shows to watch for free.


Enjoy the experience of using Mobdro by watching HD videos, movies, songs, series, news, shows, channels and other popular online programs. The best thing is that with this release already can do it in Kodi.


When watching the live channels , you will certainly not like being stuck in the middle. For this reason, the Mobdro application helps the user stream videos faster without waiting for them to load. This makes the application easier to use and gives a more interactive interface.

Install Mobdro For Kodi

The installation has two very simple steps . Here I explain everything step by step.


Step 1 – Install Bookmark Lite repository

  • Open Kodi and select settings

The settings icon is the gear in the upper left corner of the screen. It is this image:


  • Select File Manager , followed by Add source.


  • Here you should click <None> and enter the URL indicated below, followed by a name where you have”Enter a name for this media source” and click Ok


Source name is advisable to be: BOOKMLITE


  • Go back to the Kodi home screen
  • Click Addons Browser

The Addons Browser icon is an open box that is on the left side of the screen. This is the icon:


  • Click “Install from ZIP file” , followed by the name you gave the font, if you gave BOOKMLITE, search and click on BOOKMLITE
  • Then click on repository.bookmarklite-xxzip  and wait for notification that the repository was successfully installed.

kodi repository installation

You now have the repository installed successfully.

Step 2 – Install Mobdro Kodi addon

  • Go back to the Kodi home screen
  • Click Addons Browser

The Addons Browser icon is an open box that is on the left side of the screen. This is the icon:


  • Click “Install from repository”
  • Select Bookmark Lite  >> Video Add-ons >>  Mobdro  >> Install


  • Wait for the notification that the addon was successfully installed

Mobdro Kodi  addon is ready to use !

Use Mobdro For Kodi

To open the addon is simple. To access you must go to Add-ons > Video Add-ons > Mobdro .

The addon interface is very simple. If you use Kodi you will soon realize without any difficulty what you should do. Even for recent Kodi users, the process is very interactive.

modro for kodi

As for the initial menu of the addon, you can choose from these topics:

  • Channels
  • News
  • series
  • Movies
  • Sport
  • Music

Note:  In our tests, the first time we tried to install gave “Failed to Install a Dependency” error. We have solved the problem by reviewing our article on how to  solve Kodi’s major mistakes.

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Why is not Mobdro working in Kodi?

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Final considerations

Undoubtedly this is an addon that should add to your Kodi. Mobdro is very useful, especially for those who like to watch sports channels online.

We always receive many questions and, therefore, we decided to create the first Kodi Complete Guideavailable online and in Portuguese. This guide will help you know everything about Kodi. Also, since it has a small cost it also helps us keep the site active and so we are eternally grateful if you can get it.

If you have read here, thank you for the time you have left. Thanks and continuation of a great day.