10 Best Movie4k Alternatives: Legal and Free

If you want to watch films or movies series in online, you do not have to visit dubious websites like Movie4k. Here are the 10 best Movie4k alternatives, completely legal and some of them even completely free.

For a long time, it was unclear whether streaming content on sites like Movie4k was banned at all. The popular manslaughter argument: Since you only look at the content, you do not make yourself liable. Illegal is finally only the distribution of content.



Since the recent ruling of the European Court of Justice in April 2017, the situation is different. In the meantime one must count on a warning, if one uses portals which offend the copyright and put current films and series into the net for free.

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Movie4K: 5 Free Alternatives to Streaming

Instead we’ll show you best sites where you can legally stream movies. Some of them are completely free for others you have to pay a little bit. Even the paid offers are not really expensive. In addition, you should always keep in mind: Making films costs money that somehow must come back into the coffers. Anyone watching new films online for free right after the start will damage the film industry and ultimately cut themselves into their own flesh.


No you will not get the latest blockbusters from the cinema here. But the offer of Cinenet is completely free and a welcome alternative to the mainstream. Highlights include the numerous obscure trash the 70s and 80s. The program also includes newer films and modern classics like “Leon – Der Profi”.

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Power Cinema

Network cinema has been around for a long time and is one of the most popular providers of free and legal streams. On the side you will find rather less known films – which is not necessarily bad. Just because not the newly announced new Hollywood star is playing, the film must not be worth less. If you feel like making real discoveries, you should definitely take a look at the site.

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Watchbox was formerly called Clipfish and was also well known under this name. The new design of the site is based on Netflix and shows you neatly the different genres and currently trendy films and series. The program is quite impressive. In addition to Hollywood hits like “The Machinist”, the choice of anime is particularly impressive. Among other things you can watch Naruto and the cult anime ” Berserk” for free here.


Media libraries of public broadcasters

The media libraries of ZDF, ARD and Co. are often overlooked. Wrongly. Just because the offer costs nothing, it is not automatically uninteresting. On the contrary: If you rummage a little, you will find a lot here. In addition to documentaries and series are also always films, but usually they are available only for a limited time. With the free tool MediathekView you can conveniently browse the media libraries and download the content if necessary.

Legal paid Alternatives to Movie4k

Now we come to the paid offers to stream movies. The advantages of these providers are obvious: you get HD quality and the choice between original sound or synchronized version. Besides, you have a good conscience because you are not damaging the film industry and making your financial contribution. And last but not least, no ads, no malware, and no lengthy invitations to gambling or porn watching. In addition, you can usually test the offer for free.


Netflix is ​​probably the most popular streaming provider. The offer is especially interesting for serial fans, who in principle get replenishments every month. Prices increased slightly in 2017, but are still within acceptable limits. Almost 10 euros per month for the huge offer is really not too much. Even a regular movie ticket costs more today. Who is not convinced, Netflix can also test in the free trial month.


Amazon Prime Video

The big competitor of Netflix. In Germany, Amazon Video has even more subscribers, but that’s probably because the streaming flatrate is part of the premium Amazon Prime subscription. The offer is a bit weaker than Netflix, but of course that is above all a matter of taste. Unbeatable is the price, as you only pay 69 euros per year. Again there is a free trial month * .



If you test all of the above mentioned sites, you can legally watch a new movie every day for at least half a year without paying anything for it. After that you have a very good overview, square eyes and you probably will not have thought about Movie4K.