5+ Music Downloader Apps for Free Online Music

Top 5 Music downloader apps: Most of us love to hear music but rare of us have a good music collection on our phones. Now you must be thinking that you must need an Internet connection to use some music apps and you could only listen to the songs only when they are online and not offline. This is not the scenario with some music downloader apps with which you can easily download music and listen to them even if you don’t have an Internet connection.

The best part about downloading from these apps is that you will get to see the very good collection of music. No doubt you will have the collection till far. Isn’t it exciting? Yes, it.


Music Downloader Apps

So here we will discuss some of the best music downloader apps which will help us in downloading music files when we are online and listen to them when we are offline. These apps are free that means you don’t have to pay anything to download music app and they will really please you a lot. So, let us look at “How to download free music”?

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Radio Player by Audials

Radio Player by Audials is really very good music downloader apps for android to download a large number of music files. Without any doubt, it is one of the best apps for the android platform. Radio Player has radio stations from so many countries and even whatever you listen you can even record that too. It comes with some great features like if you know some show timings you can schedule the recorder accordingly.


The recorder will come in active mode when the timing hits on the clock and then whenever you will open the app you will get one recording which will be saved in your phone. This recording you can play at any time. It has a really good interface which is easy to understand and use. Also, it is absolutely free so you don’t have to spend a single penny for buying this app. Just install the app and start listening to an unlimited number of radio stations. With listening you should also go for a recording of radio stations also. As all music love loves this apps to download the music btw they are some Best Live Tv Streaming Apps which you can even use to stream the tv live from any where and from any place the only thing you need is Internet.


Sound Cloud

This app is also one of the innovative music downloader apps which will help us in download music for free. This provides you with so many free tracks that you will be tired listening to all of them. The app is updated so frequently that almost 12 hours of audios are listed to be uploaded every minute on this app.


You will get to hear a large variety of music files based on their genre. Also, not only this but this app is a great platform for some novice people who love singing. By using this app you can upload the songs and people can hear your voices. It has some unconventional way of music downloading which is liked by people a lot. You should definitely go for this app and I bet you are really going to enjoy a lot. Just go for it and start enjoying music.


4Shared is really a very database of songs. There are almost 5 Crore songs available on this app. You can enter the keywords of the song in the search box. Believe me, when you will search for some song you will get only MP3 files only so that you don’t have to waste your time on the thing which you actually don’t want. Along with this 4Sharesd provides you with 15 GB cloud storage so that whatever songs you download can be saved to that cloud.


Even you can add your mobile songs to it so that you can listen to them if you don’t have good Internet connection. The interface is very easy and can be learned with ease. It has also one section for emerging artist so that you can listen to some young voices too. It is really a good app. You must go for it if you are looking for a good collection of songs on your mobile phone.

So now we have looked at some good music downloader apps. All are really very good and can be used to have free music downloads for android. You must install all of them and then decide which one will be good for you. Now we will be looking at 2 more music downloader apps which are mostly liked by people. Here we go!!


It is also a good android platform from where you can download your music files. Here you will get DJ-mixed tracks which are made up from a combination of songs. So you can directly download such songs and tracks and you can directly play in parties. Here you will get songs of a large number of languages.


Even you can use this app when you are doing work out because this app has a wonderful number of tracks which will increase your energy while doing work out. Go for such DJ-mixes tracks and start doing party. It also has a good interface and it is absolutely free. So, you can try this app for free. Go for it. When comes to privacy I prefer to lock my android mobiles in order to stay away from misusing of my phone, I used to use Best Lock Apps for Android and lock my phone. Just have a look at it.


Gaana is also a good app for downloading music. In it, you will get an absolutely good collection of songs.  Albums are also based on the same genre of songs like you can get Top Bollywood songs and Top 10 Hollywood songs. It is also absolutely free for the first month where you can download unlimited songs.

free music-downloads-for-android

After one month you have pay subscription free for a full month which is very reasonable. After that, you can download as many songs as you need. You can then listen to the songs when you are offline. It is really a good app in which songs are available in different languages. So we can just go for this app. We can enjoy as many songs as we can.


Hence you came to know about the best music downloader apps for free music to download which are very good and will help you in long run. Downloading music and listening to music when offline has really been easy and that too with the help of these apps only. Just go for these apps and enjoy the latest beats and tracks of music. Be lively with music and enjoy the life in a spanking way. All the best!!