How To Install Neptune Rising Kodi Addon

Want to watch TV channels on Kodi? The Neptune Rising addon is one of the best for this. In fact nowadays this addon is one of the best known and used in the Kodi community of Portugal. Even having ranked number one in the month of March as the most used addon like watch5s addon for kodi.

Its interface and way of using it is very simple and interactive. In addition it is given the various alternatives available is the Neptune Rising addon that is one of the most reliable TV channels on Kodi. It features hundreds of channels available, streaming sources usually with good quality and in great quantity.


neptune rising

Here I will show, step by step process of how to install and use this addon neptune rising on kodi. Follow the article completely and know more about it.

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Install and Use Addon Neptune Rising

Before proceeding note that Neptune Rising is not like all Kodi addons, it is dependent on external sources that it does not control. In addition to it there is also the issue of traffic peaks. Therefore there may be sporadic moments where the quality of transmission is not as good as desirable. However this is solved with a good VPN.

With this in mind let’s see how to install the Neptune Rising addon.

Install Addon Neptune Rising

  • Open Kodi and select settings
  • Select File Manager, followed by Add source
  • Here you must click <None> and enter the URL indicated below, followed by a name where you have “Enter a name for this media source” and click Ok.

URL:  http:// /


Source name is advisable to be: Blamo

  • Go back to the Kodi home screen
  • Click Addons Browser

The Addons Browser icon is an open box that is on the left side of the screen. This is the icon:

neptune rising kodi

  • Click “Install from ZIP file”, followed by the name given to the source, if you have given Blamo, search and click on Blamo.
  • Then click on  and wait for notification that the repository was successfully installed.
  • Go back to the Kodi home screen
  • Click Addons Browser again
  • Click “Install from repository”
  • Select Blamo Repository  >> Video Add-ons >>  Neptune Rising  >> Install
  • Wait for the notification that the addon was successfully installed.

And it’s done, the Neptune Rising addon  is ready to use !

Using Addon Neptune Rising

To start using the addon, you have to open the Kodi

homepage >> click on  Add-ons  >>  Video Add-ons  >>  Neptune Rising .

And it gets done, the addon will start.

Using this addon is fairly easy and simple. Once the addon opens you will see a menu with several servers from each country including Brazil, Portugal, UK etc. You have to choose one of them and then the channel you want to watch.

If the channel does not open and is slow, do not worry there should be some source error that should be fixed later. Many streaming channels  of quite quality and quantity are available which is undoubtedly a plus of this addon.

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With this you have got an idea of how to install neptune rising kodi addon on your browser. If you have any queries regarding the neptune rising download or its installation then simply comment us in below. Visit ttop10 for more information.