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Best Apps to Make Free Posters

Are you searching for the poster maker app to make good posters on your android or iphone, then you are at the right place, here we are providing best poster making app for our users. The applications which we are providing are tested and are personally used by us. You can simply use these poster app android and even make pranks with your friends.

Whether you want to make posters demotivational or advertising, there are a number of applications that will cover your needs perfectly. You just have to throw a little imagination and the application will do the rest. You just need an idea and the application will do the rest of the work. Explore different styles of frames, as well as sources, so that your next poster contains the personal touch of your brand or idea.


Poster Maker App

Imagination is the limit and the tools are already created, It is for that reason that we bring you a list with some of the applications to make posters of all kinds. Check the poster making app for android from us and use these applications on your smartphones. All these apps are available for free in play store.

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Top Poster Maker App

Here are some of the best poster design app for your smartphones, you can check all the features of these apps and use them on your smartphone for free. Before going to download an app, simply see its features and then start using them.

Most wanted posters

Most wanted posters is a very fun application and its is a top poster maker app where you can find already established formats to paste the photo of your family member or friend, to whom you want to play a joke to the best format of the most wanted villains of the old west. Creating this photomontage is very easy and very fun; You just have to choose a photo in your gallery or take it directly from the application and immediately you will go through the process to generate a “Wanted” type poster.

best poster making app


The possibilities are many; You will manage to play a joke on your friends, sending your social circles different posters, with the photos you want, even yours. An Internet connection is not necessary to use the application. Making posters with “Most Wanted Posters” with a single click is now possible. Available for Android.

Postwrap – Poster Maker

Postwrap immediately transforms plain text into original posters, this is a best poster making apps. There are many options that this application has to generate attractive texts; use the app to generate original texts, accompanied by pleasing formats and modern types of sources. You can design posters with an image or without a background image. They’re possible.

poster making app for android

Postwrap is a very versatile application that you can use for all your communication needs in an easy and intuitive way. If your projects in social networks have a high component of making short posters with specific ideas, do not hesitate to install Postwrap. You can even download custom fonts if you require it. Available for Android.


Phoster is a paid application that you can find in the App Store, since it is exclusive for iOS and it is a poster maker app for iphone and ipad. It has been considered application of the week for iPhone and iPad in Japan, the United States and Canada. The application, simple and intuitive, lets you design posters or invitations from the palm of your hand. You do not have to do much, the application has multiple templates (one hundred and ninety seven, it’s not bad) with a lot of style so that you can personalize them to your liking with effects, photos of you and texts.

poster maker app android

You can alter the options of brightness, saturation, color, situation, rotation, size or contrast. The text can be changed to your liking. The high definition, (HD of 14448 × 2018) is only free for iPhone4, iPod Touch 4G, iPhone 3GS, iPad and iPad2. When you finish your poster or poster you can share it by mail.

Pic Collage

Another poster maker app android is Pic Collage which has more than eighty million downloads. It is one of the applications to make posters and collages most downloaded from the Android and iOS market. You will be able to add stickers, frames and texts to your favorite photographs, and then share them by e-mail or on your preferred social networks. The application is continuously updated and adding new seasonal designs and stickers (as at Christmas, to serve as an example).

poster app android

The application begins to be a kind of social network photo collages, since you can have your profile, visit the other and even participate in contests to achieve followers. Use your photographs to make the most original posters and collages! A very simple and entertaining application.

Quark Design Pad

This application will allow you to design posters and posters with your iPad, without installing InDesign or QuarkXPress. Simple, easy, and free! With this application you will be able to create not only posters and posters, but also postcards, announcements, invitations, brochures or business cards, among many other things. And of course, later you can share it on the most popular social channels. A very complete application for iPad. In just a few minutes you will have your poster done with professional quality. You can monitor any image or text option, such as brightness, contrast, saturation, etc. If you buy the paid version you can save in PDF or PNG and send them to Dropbox.

Funky Poster Creator

Create entertaining posters and posters to share with your family and friends wherever you want. Completely free and very easy to use, the application lets you incorporate texts, personalized messages, slogans, quotes or whatever you want in different photographs or flat color backgrounds. You also have small drawings to add, such as hearts, flowers, stars and many more.

best poster design app

You can use this application to congratulate Valentine with a romantic poster or simply to upload it to your entertaining twitter account. Or give your personal touch to a movie poster. You choose!

Demotivators Creator

The demotivations are those habitual posters that we see in Fb or pages of humor with borders of black color, an image and a funny or personal text. Creating demotivations is a good way to develop your inventiveness and teach the world that you can make them think, laugh or cry. The creator of demotivators, as its name indicates, is an app to create demotivational posters and share them on Facebook or by mail. It does not leave a watermark and you do not need the Internet to use it. And it’s free!

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These are the poster maker app for android and ios. With these apps to make posters you can make invitations or make your friends laugh. Tell us what applications do you use to make your posters. Visit Aljum for more information.