Best Postman Alternatives for API Environment

API testing is taking its significance each day in all the companies. This testing is necessary for the smooth working of apps, web services, and other databases. REST tools are increasing these days in many software companies.

Postman is one of the most famous REST tools used by many software engineers and companies in the present time. But the main problem of using Postman tool is that it is a bit tricky one to understand. Apart from that, it does not serve the tasks of individuals.



We have listed some of the best Postman alternatives below which you can use for easy API testing.

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Best Alternatives to Postman

See about the best alternatives to postman like software and know more about them.

1. Swagger Inspector

Developed by SmartBear Software, Swagger Inspector is one of the latest API testing tools you can go for. It helps you to build, design and develop web services in an easier manner. The main features of this tool are code generation, automated documentation, and others. It was developed far back in the year 2011 and until now, it is used by many companies. This tool allows you to create client’s SDKs directly from API document without human-generated client code. In addition to that, the swagger-codegen project supports 50 various languages.

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2. Paw

The next on the list is the Paw tool. You can easily create HTTP headers, text, URL parameters, and key-values. This tool will allow you to work smoothly in teams on a single project. Besides that, Paw contains well-designed headers and body which will provide easy to read responses. You can send advanced API requests to Paw and it will simplify each task of yours. Paw is specifically developed for macOS. IN addition to that, the Paw tool has many functions such as signature, hashes and auth tokens for testing.


3. Advanced REST Client

Advanced REST Client is one of the best REST tools which you can use for Windows, Linux, and macOS. It has beautiful user-interface and easy functions too. This tool accepts your API requests faster and works according to it. It allows you to work with your team on any project. You can synchronize Advanced REST Client works efficiently with Google Drive. It gives you detailed information about the sent HTTP message body and request timings. Advanced REST Client is the simplest tool to use in software companies and for engineers too.

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4. RESTful Menu

If you want an easy API testing tool, try RESTful Menu. It includes all HTTP methods such as OPTIONS, HEAD, GET, PUT, DELETE AND POST. You can access this application from the menu bar of macOS. Apart from that, you can post raw data, params, file or text content on this tool. It is one of the safest tools for software developers. They can easily debug and test their web services with the help of RESTful Menu. It includes some of the amazing features such as views of multiple requests, browser and response.

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5. HttpRequester

This is one of the simplest API testing tools you can consider for Firefox. It performs many functions such as accepting HTTP requests, maintaining the history of all transactions and viewing the responses. You can easily develop a web service with this tool. It accepts HTTP requests immediately and accordingly, does other tasks. HttpRequester is a free and open source platform to ease the work of every software developer. If there are errors, this tool sends them in JSON model. This tool can work on Mac, Windows, and Linus also.

Other Alternatives to Postman

Below are some other alternatives to postman have a look these softwares also and choose the best one that likes you.

6. Overlog

The next on the list is Overlog developed by Netguru. It is used for debugging and iOS app testing. You can synchronize Overlog with any of your iOS devices. The debugging tool will be installed quickly for use. It has a simple setup process and the user interface is very easy to understand. Many IT companies and software developers have used Overlog and found it a beautiful tool for debugging. It will allow you to work smartly in a team on a single project.

7. TablePlus

TablePlus is one of the best tools for Windows. It allows you to have perfect database management with easy functions. This latest GUI tool will serve every purpose of web and REST development. It supports various drivers such as SQL server, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Apart from that, TablePlus has a good display with easy user-interface. It simplifies the work like in Excel and you can edit, add or delete easily. TablePlus is one of the smartest Postman alternatives to try in this year.

8. Kat

Kat is another robust REST tool for iOS devices. It works perfectly in iOS 9 and 10 and it is considered as one of the best tools for software developers due to the easy features and wonderful user interface. This accepts API requests and starts to do tasks faster than other API testing tools. It does various requests such as POST, GET, PUT and DELETE. Kat is formatted in an efficient manner. Many software developers used this tool and found it be a beneficial one for REST service.

9. Nightingale REST API client

The next on the list is Nightingale REST API client. It is an open-source platform developed for Windows 10 and has amazing design and stunning user interface. Also works speedily and accepts requests such as PATCH, GET, HTTP and POST. If you want to check the working of APIs, add tests to the request. One of the major benefits of using this tool is that it uses fewer resources. It has good speed and has simple functions and features.

10. HTTP toolkit

Developed for Mac, Linux, and Windows, HTTP Toolkit is an open source tool for debugging. It supports the latest tools such as Android, GraphQL,and Docker. The setup of HTTP toolkit is very simple and does not need any expertise. It responds to various requests given by you. This tool contains all the modern tools for website and software development. You can test your system by changing live traffic content and simulating errors. This tool helps you to debug and build with HTTP(s).


These are the robust Postman alternatives you can consider for API testing. They reduce the efforts and cost and do work more effectively. Some of them don’t need code to work. You have to only give requests and these tools will begin to work automatically giving you best results. They give long term benefits to software developers, architects, and IT companies.