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Top Private Browsers For Android

If you are searching for a website then it is must to use the private browser apps on your device because now a days many of the sites contains malware they infect your device. So you can use the best private browser app and protect your device from being crashed. Once if your mobile is infected then you can do any thing some attackers might even steal your information too.

Rather than facing all other issues in internet you can use privacy search app and start surfing in the internet with out any problem. Once if you use a private browsing apps then the attackers does not have any information from where the data is being surfed. So these application will be very useful to us.


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The Internet is a wonderful thing that we all love to surf. With websites for all possible domains such as education, entertainment, sports, etc, you can gather information on almost any topic you can think of. Having said that, not all websites are safe here you can simply use the private browser app and protect your device.

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Private Browser Apps For Free

Some websites are specifically designed to infect your smartphone with malware or viruses. This makes it extremely important that you surf the Internet in a secure browser. So to help you, here is a list of the best safe browsers for Android that you can use:

1. Ghostery Privacy Browser

It is a browser that focuses mainly on your privacy and it is a best private browser ios. When you open the application you have the option to block the trackers by default on the websites you are going to visit. Once you have finished with the initial configuration, you will find that some functions such as blocking the autocomplete and popup function are enabled by default.

Private Browser Apps


2. Firefox Focus: The private browser

It is a fast web browser that protects your privacy that comes with the trust and reliability of Mozilla this is a best private browser for android. You can surf the web calmly and then clear the browsing history and cache memory with a single touch.

Unfortunately, the application is only compatible with one tab that will open at a time, but it can block all advertising, social and analytics trackers. It even has the “invisible mode” to prevent taking screenshots inside the app.


3. Dolphin Zero: Incognito browser

Unlike most other browsers on this list, Dolphin Zero is a very light browser. Although it only offers the features included in the unknown variant of any other browser, you will never have to worry about its online activity. The browser deletes everything, including browsing history, passwords, cookies and cache upon exiting.


4. CM Browser

It allows securing the browser with a blocking pattern. There are more options such as cleaning the history when you leave and disabling cookies that can be activated in the settings to increase your security. It also has a built-in protection system that scans any APK that is downloaded from the web.

There are features that make it a feature-rich browser built-in as ad-mold, night mode, incognito mode navigation, use the search voice, a function of the translator page, and desktop mode.

cm browser

5. Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser is the only browser on this list that is based on chrome. It has an active security system called “protect” that protects your personal data in public WiFi networks. The browser comes with the ability to add extensions that can open a new stack of functions to block ads.

It offers features such as incognito mode, viewing pages in desktop mode, and website translation.


6. Orfox

Orfox is a lightweight, simple and private browser apps that currently browse and allows us to surf the net with the best levels of security allowing us to be calm before the latent threats and risks of information loss.

This Orfox has been developed on Tor Browser adding some minor modifications in the privacy improvement features which makes it compatible with Firefox for Android and the Android operating system in general. App Orfox is available from Android 2.3 and requires the Orbot application for Android if we want to connect to the Tor network.


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Hope you have got the private browser apps for your android and ios devices. With these applications you can surf in the internet any type of website and there is no need to worry about any of the malwares. Many of our users are using these private browsing applications. Here we have provide the best app to browse in private. If you feel there are any other applications that are safe to use then you can simply comment us below. Alsoo visit ttop10 for more information.