[Solved] PS4 won’t turn on Start up issue Fixed

Ps4 won’t turn on: PS4 beeps and isn’t turning on, Your PS4 turns on and then off and just beeps once and then again go to sleep mode. If this is the issue then in the latter part of article you will get to know about various methods by which you can turn on your PS4. Sometimes when you are playing your game on PS4 and it suddenly turn off and then its console stops responding irritates you a lot. This is a common problem with PS4’s and you have to perform some steps in order to make it on.

Many of the users have a query of why my ps4 won’t turn on and it starts flickering. Some of the issues with the ps4 are discussed and are solved out in this article. You can get the solution if your play station 4 won’t turn on with this article.


Ps4 won't turn on

If you are facing the issue of ps4 beeping and your ps4 won’t turn off, then there will a lot of factors that are needed to be considered. In case if you go to any service centers then they will charge more and more so rather then going some where you can first try to fix the play station 4 by your self. PS4 won’t turn on is not a major issue so try these methods.

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PS4 won’t Turn on or Start

This ps4 wont start or ps4 turn on issue may arises because of so many issues. I know it is treacherous to find the actual cause why your PS4 won’t turn on but now let us see steps in order to make it on.

Unplug Cord

First you have to unplug the cord which is there at back and then plug it again. Make sure it is properly inserted in the PS4. If you have power strip attached to your PS4 then you can directly plug into the wall outlet. This is the first thing which you should do in order to make your PS4 turn on. But still if your ps4 beeps once then turns off then follow below steps and full troubleshooting guide.

Hold Power Key

ps4 pro won't turn on


Try holding the power key for some seconds and sometime your PS4 will turn on. But in most of the cases it won’t work and my PS4 won’t turn on. But you should first give a try before proceeding to other steps mentioned below.

When people were trying to solve this problem of “ps4 won’t stay on” by different ways Sony came out with full trouble shooting guide which helped so many people. They came with 4 issues which are not allowing your PS4 to turn on. These are TV compatibility issues, Problem with PS4 Power supply, Problems with hard-drive and some internal hardware issue.

PS4 Not Turning ON

PS4 not turning on due to some of the reasons. You can simply see our article below and know more about it.

TV Compatibility issues

First thing for which your PS4 not turning on is your TV which is causing problem. So you should update your TV’s firmware. You should try this first.

Power Supply

First turn off your PS4 by holding the power button for about 10 seconds and it will beep twice. Then you have to disconnect the power cable, connector and power input on back of PS4. If some damage is there try replacing the cable and connector. In most of the cases it worked for many people and their iPhone turned on. If PlayStation 4 won’t turn on then proceed for further steps. 

Hard-drive issues

If your ps4 won’t start then for this first you have to turn off your iPhone and disconnect the power cable and then you have to slide the hard-drive bay cover. It is there on the left of PS4 and removes it. You have to see whether the hard-drive is properly inserted in PS4 or not. Now you can remove it and again reseat it so that your PS4 can actually start again. You can even try to replace the hard-drive if required. You can try a replacement drive but remember it should be 160 GB and it should not be more than 9.5 mm thickness. Try replacing or reseating your hard-drive and your PS4 will turn on. In maximum of the cases this was the issues which did not let PS4 to turn on. About 50 % of cases try reseating of hard-drive and it worked for them while other replaced and their PS4 is running smoothly. 

Booting the PS4 in SAFE mode

If the above steps won’t work for you and your PS4 isn’t turning on then you can try booting your PS4 in safe mode. Here you have to hold the on/ off key for about 10 seconds. When you will just hold the key you will hear one beep and after 7 seconds also you will hear another beep. Then it will boot into 480p graphics mode and then you can update your system’s software and you can restore your original settings so that if issues still persists because of some update it will be ridden away.

ps4 won't turn on after update

It will completely format the system and all other data will be removed from your PS4. You can try this step in last.

Try contacting Sony support Centre 

If the above options won’t work for you and your PS4 beeps but won’t turn on after trying so many steps. Then in that case you should Contact Sony Support centre and they can assist you better. Sometimes there is a critical software bug that cannot be identified by us but they will definitely help you and your PS4 and then it will definitely start up and you can again start playing your games.

Different Methods to Fix PS4 won’t turn on

You can use some of the below methods in order to fix your play station 4. Follow the below methods and try to fix the issue on your ps4 that is when ps4 turns on then off.

Reconnecting the Power Cables

You can reconnect the power cable that will in fact reset your ps4 and then clear the issues. Is your ps4 can’t turn on then do the below things.

  • Firstly unplug the power cable from ps4.
  • Wait for atleast 30 seconds.
  • Now plug back the cable.

Now switch on the power button in ps4 you can see it works properly.

Clearing Dust in PS4

my ps4 won't turn on

Sometime with the heavy dust your ps4 will not turn on. It will simply stop the working of the play station as the dust remaining will not allow the ports to connect. If the ports are not connected then simply the connection will not be there. So you need to clean the dust by removing the playstation top. Clearing the dust will obviously help you.

Inserting a Disk to PS4

ps4 beeping

If your ps4 turns off by itself or if ps4 won’t turn on at all then you make this process of inserting a disk to your ps4. In order to do that you can plug the power cable to ps4. Insert a disk into the drive on the ps4 and then start inserting it slowly. If you start pushing the disk slowly then you can see your search console automatically turns on. Pull out the disk and then your playstation works normally. PS4 won’t turn on can be solved from here.

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So, now you have looked at the steps which you need to follow in order to turn on your PS4. If ps4 won’t turn on beeps once then follow the steps that have been provided by Sony Troubleshooting guide. You can try them and your PS4 will definitely turn on. All the best!!