Best Free Radio Apps for iPhone

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Radio Apps for iPhone

Want to listen music or radio then you can try some best free radio apps for iphone and ipad. Why to pay some huge money for applications as each and every app gets changed every time. Rather than going for paid apps you can use some free radio apps for iphone. Check the best apps from us.


Having hundreds, even thousands of our favorite songs on the iPod Touch or the iPhone, is one of the best things we could expect from these devices. However, sometimes, we feel the need to try something different, varied, or simply because we want to discover the new music scene.

best free radio apps for iphone

It is also possible that we do not want to listen to music only, but mix the experience with sports news or comments. In that case, this article has been written especially for you, because here you will find the best radio station apps that will keep you up to date with the latest musical trends.


Best Free Radio Apps for iPhone

Here are some of the best free radio apps for iphone and ipad, simply have a look at them and check the best apps that are provided here.

Stitcher Radio

The Stitcher app is one of the simplest, intuitive and organized in the radio apps section. We have loved it since the moment we started the app, where it gives us the possibility to choose between multiple genres of podcasts (comedy, politics, culture, etc.) and an infinity of stations. In addition, based on our selection criteria, Stitcher Radio will display a main page with those suggestions that may be of interest to us. Music has not been left out either. Try it.

radio apps for iphone



TuneIn Radio Pro is not such a massive or popular app, but it fully complies with what it promises to be. With nearly 50,000 stations and almost a quarter of a million shows at our disposal, this universal proposal will be indispensable within our repertoire of iOS applications. There is also a free version of the app, although the payment option offers the possibility of recording directly to our device any station of our preference.

free radio apps for iphone

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is similar to other products on the market, and offers the user the possibility of generating personalized playlists, based on artists, songs or albums, even being able to suggest stations themed by musical genre. However, the flash point of this application is precisely that, unlike other apps based on algorithms to generate radio stations, Slacker uses the experience of professional Dj’s throughout the world. Unique in its kind.

Slacker Radio

Xtend FM

Perhaps, its poor valuations in the Apple App Store, make more than one desist from becoming Xtend FM, but we have been struck by its polished interface, and the fact that this app does not provide radio stations as such, it offers an assortment of internet channels, which in turn have popular and very attractive content, all packaged in a classic radio interface.


There is no better way to describe this app, than referring to the incredible variety of functions it contains. Recording? Ready. Song lyrics? Granted. Direct link to the videos of those songs on YouTube? Guaranteed. Perhaps, the best of all its characteristics, is precisely its “Radio Roulette”, because as its name suggests, it will allow us to know all the songs that are played in each radio station. Without a doubt, our applause deserved for ooTunes.

Radio Alarm

Of the apps in this list, Radio Alarm is made of all laurels in terms of design. Betting on a retro touch, this app takes the ambience and the appearance of an old-fashioned radio alarm clock and enhances its functions through SHOUTcast radio, which translates into full access to more than 45,000 radio stations, including some international ones. . The minimalists will be delighted with Radio Alarm.

iHeart Radio

Declared by CNET as the “best app for radio streaming”, iHeart Radio is one of the most valuable in our collection, which also claims to be free. Its large collection of radio stations and configurable elements is just the beginning of what it can offer. You can create a personalized list of stations according to your taste, and follow the most popular podcasts. More than 16 million songs and 400,000 artists at your fingertips.

Wunder Radio

50,000 radio stations, audio on demand and podcast more followed, support for multiple formats and much more, this is Wunder Radio. An application that also allows you to enjoy its contents in the background while using other applications or search through a constantly updated directory of stations. The rest of the functions (Auto off, Integrated web browser, Playlists, integration with Twitter) make it an indispensable application.


Although it has more of a music player than a radio app, TuneWiki integrates our list because it successfully exploits the literary side of the songs. The app is integrated with Synced Lyrics in any language, which allows you to know the lyrics of that song that we are listening to instantly, and even comment your impressions with the rest of the users. It also comes equipped with the success lists of each country.

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Free MP3Box

An exquisite mix between radio station and music player. Free MP3Box has everything to satisfy your needs. Specialized search by genre, list of Favorites for your stations and a very efficient way to manage slow connections (Traffic Economy Mode) and prevent playback from being interrupted. Its integration with YouTube also allows viewing official videos as we enjoy the reproduction.

Hope you have got the best free radio apps for iphone and ipad. Check all the apps that are provided here, all these apps are available for free and easy to use. If you like the article share it in the social sites. Also visit Aljum for more information.