How to Record Screen on Windows 10

Do you want to know how to record screen on windows 10. There are many reasons why you would like to record the PC screen. Maybe you make a video of your gameplay for a community on YouTube. Or you are developing a software tutorial or preparing a work. No matter what the reason here we will teach you how to do it.

Of course you will have two options, you can download some free screen recorder. Or better yet, you can use the built-in Windows recording tool. Not many people realize it, since it is hidden in the Xbox application. You can easily record the screen on your pc with simple steps.


how to record screen on windows 10

It is also possible to record the screen of the PC from a browser window. For this you do not have to download or install anything at all. But of course, it all depends on what you’re recording and what hardware you use, as well as how much time you have for this.

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Use the Windows 10 game tool

This tool is very well hidden, but yes, Windows 10 has an integrated screen recorder for video games. In order to use it, you must open the Xbox application and then press the Windows + G keys and click on “Yes, this is a game”.

how to record screen on windows 10

Then you must click on “Start recording” or you can simultaneously press the Windows + Alt + R keys. When you finish you can use the same key combination to stop the recording. Please note that the recorded videos will be saved in the Videos / Capture folder in MP4 format.


If you want to customize the recorder’s settings a bit, you must log in to the application and go to the DVR Options. It is not possible to change the destination folder where the recordings are saved, but you can change the quality, record or not audio and define a maximum recording time.

Although this is an excellent tool, it is not possible to record the PC screen on all Windows 10 devices. Since for this your graphics card must support the codecs: AMD VCE, Nvidia NVENC or Intel Quick Sync H.260.

FlashBack Express

Although the previous option is the most ideal since it is not necessary to download any program, not all PCs support it. If this is your case, you can download FlashBack Express, a free screen recorder and it is a bit more flexible with the hardware.

flashback recorder

After downloading and installing the application, you can click on “Record screen” and see all the customizable settings. This application allows you to record the entire screen, a specific window and an area selected with the mouse or even your webcam. You can also configure if you want to record the sound or not from the microphone, the same program or both.

Navigating in the menu allows you to find a wide range of options. You can even record audio from the microphone as a separate track for editing. You can also record the keystrokes and replace the characters of a password. Among other options, it also allows you to limit the time and size of the file.

Using it is very simple, if you want to record the PC screen you just have to click on the red button to start and finish. At the end of the recording you can watch the video with the included player and make small editions if necessary.

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With this hope you have got how to record screen on windows 10 and pc in a easy way. Now simply make all the screen recordings on your phone and start using them. If you want to know more about the screen recordings softwares on pc then simply visit our Aljum for more information.