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Simplest way to eliminate red eyes

Are you searching for the red eye removal apps, the you are at the best place. If you have a picture with your eyes red in it then your picture is not waste you can simply use the best red eye remover app and remove the red eyes from the picture.


The red eyes can spoil a nice photo. This phenomenon occurs when the flash is reflected in the retina, especially when it is fired frontally and the pupil is quite dilated. We already gave you a long time ago a series of recommendations to prevent people from leaving with red eyes in your photographs, and many cameras and flashes have ways to try to avoid it.

Red Eye Removal Apps

However, what do we do if we do not get it or if we already have a picture with red eyes? Is it possible to fix it? The answer is yes. Then I’ll teach you how to fix red eyes easily with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You can use a app to get rid of red eye in a easy way.


Remove the Red Eyes with Adobe Photoshop

To remove red eyes with Photoshop we can do it in two different ways: with the Red Eyes Brush tool or from the Adobe Camera Raw filter. This the best red eye remover check below.

1. Red Eyes Brush Tool

The red eye brush tool is a very quick tool to use. You will find it in the side toolbar and You may not see it at first glance because it is located within the same menu where you can find the correction or patch brush tools. You just have to keep pressed on this tool the left mouse button and you will see the drop-down menu where you can choose the tool you want.

best red eye remover app


Your cursor will become an eye with a cross. If you click and drag, you will see that you will draw a square. Do not put both eyes within the same square, but it will not work for you. You must make a square for each eye.

Just drop and you will see that the red pupil will turn dark gray or black. If you see that the pupil is too large or too small, or too light or dark, at the top you will see a small bar with the settings of Pupil size and Amount of darkening, to adjust the effect to your liking.

However with red eye removal apps, you will not be able to see it in real time, but you will have to configure it before creating the square around the red eye. If you do not like it, you can undo the action from the Edit / Undo menu or from the keyboard shortcut Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) + Z, set it again and redo the square around the eye.

2. Adobe Camera Raw filter

The other option is to do it from Camera Raw. The tool is very similar, but it will leave us more room to act because here we can see the changes in size and darkening of the pupil in real time. This is a new red eye remover app which can be used very easily.

First of all we will have to open the RAW Camera Filter from the Filter / Filter Menu of Camera Raw. In the upper toolbar we will find the Red Eye Removal icon, which is the same as the brush we have seen before.

Adobe Camera Raw filter

Similarly, we must draw a square around the eye so that the tool automatically creates a black pupil. In the bar on the right you will find two sliders that allow you to modify in real time the size and darkness of this black pupil, to adjust it exactly to the eye and the tones of the photograph.

Finally, when we have adjusted both pupils we will accept and we will have our picture with the eyes fixed. In addition, this tool also allows us to eliminate the red (or green) eyes of our pets. In animals this phenomenon of red eyes occurs very often, and this is a quick way to solve it. If you click on it you will also see Pet eyes.

As with human eyes, we must create a square around each eye with this tool, and from the pupil size slider play until we find the size that fits perfectly in the eye of our pet. In addition, so that the eye does not stay off, below you will find the option Add eye shine, which will include a small shine inside the pupil to give life to the eye.

Remove Red Eyes with Lightroom

The Lightroom Red-Eye Correction tool is located in the toolbar on the right, right between the histogram and the basic settings. It is the third icon, which shows two concentric circles. If we select it, the circle inside will turn red.

app to get rid of red eye

When we select this tool, our cursor will become a kind of crosshair. Clicking on the center of the eye, or dragging as we did before to put the eye inside the circle that we can draw, the program will automatically recognize the eye and create a pupil to cover the red area.

Finally, when we have adjusted the pupils, we will give the Done button or press the Enter key twice to return to the normal Lightroom settings menu. We will only have to export the photograph with the adjustments that we want and we will have our red eyes fixed.

On the other hand, Lightroom also allows us to eliminate the red eyes of pets, as we did with Adobe Camera Raw. To do this, once we have selected the Red Eye Correction tool we must press the button that will appear just below, that puts Eyes of pets.

The process is the same as with human eyes, press with the crosshair in the center of the eye or draw a circle around it by pressing and stretching the cursor. In addition as in Camera Raw, Lightroom also gives us the option of adding a brightness in the eye so you do not run out of life. Finally, we only have to click on the Done button and export the photo with the settings that we want.

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Hope you have got the best red eye removal app which can used very easily for your android and ios smartphones. Simply use these applications and make your pictures look more beautiful. Also visit ttop10 for more information.