Best Sandboxie Alternatives and Similar Softwares

IT companies come with many safety tools and software every year to protect the computers and laptops. You must many important files, documents and folders on your PC. Additionally, we also download many online videos and movies on PC which may affect the PC. Sandboxie is effective software which will keep your PC safe.

Playing games on PC may affect your operating system with virus or malware. You can prevent the viruses from entering your system with the help of Sandboxie software. It also protects all your important files and folders.



There are numerous Sandboxie alternatives which you can use for your computers. They are as under:

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Best Sandboxie Alternatives

See the best sandboxie alternatives and the softwares like sandboxie and know more about them.

1. BufferZone

BufferZone is one of the best for those who love internet surfing. Whether it is your favorite movie or a game, you can download everything on your PC with the help of this tool. It also protects your personal information from outside parties. If you want to do online shopping, you can do it on this website. Further, this tool also protects your IP address and other personal details from hackers and outside sources. It also keeps your system clean.

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2. Cuckoo Sandbox

The next on the list is Cuckoo Sandbox. It is a genuine tool for protecting the PCs and laptops and will track all the corrupt files which may damage the operating system and works on all operating systems such as Android, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. It also analyzes the systems which are affected by virus or malware. With the help of this tool, you can easily download links, videos or games on your PC.

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3. Shadow Defender

Shadow Defender is a good Sandboxie alternative which you can try to create a safe environment on your device. This also detects the malicious files and documents on your device. It also keeps all the files and folders private and safe from hackers and also gives you the safe internet browsing and the history of your visited sites will not be leaked. There are no high maintenance charges in Shadow Defender site. This tool also provides a reboot your system and makes it clean.

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4. Enigma virtual box

The next on the list of Sandboxie alternatives is Enigma virtual box. It is a safe tool to use on your PC and laptops. You don’t have to pay money to use this tool. Further, it has no registration formalities. This tool organizes all the content in a different tab for easy use. Enigma virtual box compresses all the files which will further save a good amount of space on your device. You can safely download all the games, videos and movies on your PC without the worry of virus or malware.

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5. Cameyo

Cameyo is one of the latest Sandboxie substitutes which you can use for PC and laptops. It does not need any special permission for use or other formalities. One of the best advantages of this tool is that you can access apps without installing them on your devices. Cameyo is a good tool for both homes and companies. It also facilitates internet browsing. It also protects the history of your online activities.

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6. Deep Freeze

This is powerful software which will protect your computer from viruses and malware. This tool works well on Windows and macOS. Deep Freeze will also reboot the computer and bring it back to a good condition. It also protects the hard drive of the system. This tool will also keep private all your internet activities. No hacker or outside party will know the sites you visited. Deep Freeze tool is one of the most convenient options for network administrators.


7. Firejail

Firejail is a nice Sandboxie alternative for games which can be used on Linux OS. You can use apps on your device with the help of Firejail. The installation process of this software is very simple. Even the configuration is not so difficult which makes it an ideal tool for use. It will protect all your office files and folders in a safe manner and also detects all the files and folders which can harm the device severely. It also prevents the internet history from outsiders.


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Internet browsing, playing games and downloading external files will make a way for virus and malware in the operating system. These are some of the most genuine Sandboxie alternatives which improve the performance of your system by making it clean and new like before. You do not have to pay anything to use them.