Learn to Scan QR Code with Android or iPhone

The QR codes are those black and white squares that work like a “bar code” but when scanned they are there to scan qr codes and they take us to a website, an image, an event, a phone number or any type of information.

Surely you have seen more than one, because it has become very fashionable in the world of marketing and the advertising sector. We can find QR in posters, magazines or advertisements in bus shelters for example.


scan qr code

If you want to know how to scan qr codes with android and iphone then simply check our article and know more about them in a easy way.

Table Of Contents

How QR readers work: Mini Guide to use

To scan or read them you just need

  • a mobile phone with a camera – you can take a look at the best smartphone 2019 in relation to quality price.
  • Then you have to install an application to read QR code. And of course we bring you the best ones. Do not miss it!
  • Remember to be connected to the Internet to see where that code takes you.

Once the QR reader is installed on your phone, more or less all the apps work the same. The instructions for use will appear on your screen, which is basically based on focusing the camera.

We give it a few seconds and the same app redirects to the information generated by the code. Remember that in order to avoid problems you must:

  • Focus front, not side or angle.
  • Avoid direct lights that can dazzle the scan.
  • In the same way, there must be enough light.
  • Make sure the QR is not worn or broken.

TOP Apps to Read QR Codes in the mobile

QR Droid the best Android QR reader

QR Droid is undoubtedly the most popular of the Android QR readers. In addition, it allows you to read other types of codes such as bar codes (perfect for going to the super) or data matrices in advanced mathematics.


best qr code scan

  • Pros: free without advertising, works perfectly, is very intuitive and is VERY complete.
  • Cons: we have not found them!

The Best iPhone QR reader

Read QR without installing anything on iPhone is possible if you have iOS 11. They took their time, but in the end they decided to integrate this function into their new devices. Now if you have that version of Apple’s mobile operating system, you do not need any APP. However if you are looking to scan iPhone 6 QR code or previous OS versions, do not miss this app. The QR reader (as it is called) complies with what it promises. We love!

scan qr codes

  • Pros: it ‘s free, it scans NFC, it allows to generate personalized QRs, automatic detection of QRs.
  • Cons: in the new iOS 11 is no longer necessary.

BIDI qr and Bar Reader

The Bidi online reader is also very good at this issue that we are dealing with today. It is a great reader for iPhone and Android. Undoubtedly it stands out against its competitors because of its professionalism and its completeness.

Bar Reader

  • Pros: when scanning, it gives you super detailed information such as data, discount coupons and opinions. It has history and favorites.
  • Cons: Ask too many permissions that do not come to mind, such as reading SMS or location. Sometimes it is too complicated to use.

QR Code Reader

It is another of the great “kings”. Code Reader stands out as one of our favorites, since it also reads data matrices, EQS, EAN8 / 13, Code128, barcodes, Code9. It works perfectly!

  • Pros: The flashlight is activated in low light environments, it is very fast, it is free.
  • Cons: Does not open the page automatically.

How to Read QR Code on PC?

Many people wonder how to read QR code from PC. Well, the answer is very simple and we will explain it to you next. The requirements are:

  • A computer may be it Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • A webcam either integrated or external.

We believe that it is much better to do it with the smartphone, because of the ease of use and handling of the device, but scanning QR code from the computer is not a problem if you follow these steps:

  1. Go to https://dansl.net/qrreader/
  2. Download the QRreader program for your operating system.
  3. Follow the installation instructions.
  4. Take the QR to scan, either printed or on the screen of your mobile.
  5. Open the program and with the webcam, focus on the code.
  6. You will hear a “beep” and the light will change from white to red when it has been read correctly.

You already have it!