Best Scientific Calculator Apps for Android

Top Best Scientific Calculator Apps

It is time to make calculations and you realize that you do not have a calculator at hand if you are at school it is a problem when this happens to you. You can simply see the top best scientific calculator apps that are most commonly used in your android and iphone’s. You can use these apps to calculate and measure the things that are required.

So that this does not happen to you anymore we have prepared this article with a collection of the best scientific calculator applications for Android. All these applications can be downloaded with a single click.


Scientific Calculator Apps

Sure that more than one is adapted to your needs, leave a comment to tell us which is your favorite. These apps are tried and are verified by us, to show you the best scientific app.

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12 Apps of Scientific Calculators

Here the best apps of scientific calculators for android and ios devices. Simply have a look at these applications and install them on your device for free. You can get these apps in play store or in app store.

Shake Calc

This application has a simple design but has the functions of a scientific calculator so it is useful. The interface in principle appears to be a common calculator, although sliding to the sides you can get more functions. In terms of functions you can work with trigonometry, functions, powers and more.



Something striking about this calculator is that it allows you to obtain the results by shaking the phone, it would be the same function as the = button. Download this calculator and learn how to update android from here.


It is one of the simplest it does not have a very worked interface and it looks a bit bad on small screens and it does not adapt well but in terms of functions it is very good.

With this calculator you can perform logarithms, trigonometric, exponential and many more, with the advantage that this scientific calculator has a graph of functions which is not very advanced but at least shows a basic graph that serves to guide you.

The first thing you will see is the standard mode which will allow you to perform basic calculations but then you can access the advanced mode where you will find the functions of scientific calculator.


Another app with an interface worked to look like a calculator like the old ones in any way it fulfills its purpose very well. It allows working with angles and combinatorics in addition to the basics in a scientific calculator such as logarithms, exponentials, factorials and others.

mamuso app

The bad thing is that this calculator for Android is that it includes some advertising, but beyond that it works well.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

If you like calculators with an old look this app is for you. It is one of the most functional and has a classic style interface. Among the operations you can perform with this calculator are logarithms, powers, trigonometric, factorial and several more.

Something attractive is that like a common calculator it also includes memory, with which you can store numbers that interest you or constant.

Free Scientific Calculator App

This is an imitation of the Casio scientific calculators made Android app, so if you like this type of calculators you will find it ideal. It has most of the functions that you can find in this type of calculators only that it has some details that make its use easier.

In principle you have the buttons to scroll through the expressions with which you can enter the expression and after obtaining the result modify it, just as you can in a plastic calculator.

Free Scientific Calculator App

Another interesting attraction of this scientific calculator of Android is that it has the possibility of generating full screen graphics. It also allows you to flip the phone to use the calculator more conveniently.


It retains the common interface of most mobile phone calculator applications but has the necessary functions. Upon entering you will find the classic view of a common application, but sliding to the right you can find the options of scientific calculator.

EzCalculator app

It allows to perform combinatorics, factorials, logarithms, power modules and much more. As an additional it presents a unit converter something that can be useful at times.


Another option of scientific calculator for Android that has most useful functions only that its interface has a particular style. The interface is dark, using red and blue tones but it allows to configure the brightness inside the application so that its use is easier.

It has the functions to perform trigonometric, inverse trigonometric and even hyperbolic functions in addition to common functions such as logarithms, powers, factorials etc. It is also a measurement converter.

MathsApp Scientific Calculator

This is one of the most complete scientific calculator apps for Android, because it bases its model on that of a graphic calculator those that have large screens to work with graphics. In addition to the arithmetic, trigonometric and exponential functions it allows to work with statistical functions such as performing distribution calculations.

MathsApp Scientific Calculator

The interesting thing about this calculator is that it has a very large interface that shows you the calculations you are making and even shows warnings when there is a syntax error.

MyScript Calculator

An alternative for people who want a more natural way to perform calculations or at least one experience. This calculator has the appeal that allows you to write the calculations freehand, that is it presents a blank sheet in which you enter the calculations and then detects when you completed them and shows you the result.

Quite useful especially considering that it is much easier to write a freehand calculation than to do it on a calculator.