Screen Recorder iOS: Best Apps For Screen Recording

Screen Recorder iOS: If you are a very professional game player then you surely need to have a screen recorder. If something wrong is happening in your phone then you need to have a decent screen recording iPhone app which will record what is happening in your mobile phone. This will help in finding the solution for your problem which is occurring in your mobile phone.

You can even record you games so that they can be training videos for those who don’t know how to play the game. So in that case if you should get best screen recorder then that would be very beneficial for you.



Here we will discuss best screen recorders IoS apps. Every app is unique which will ease the process of recording the screen. You can then easily share your screen recording videos on YouTube and then find popularity. Let us have a look at those apps.

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Best Screen Recorder iOS Apps

So now we look at superb screen recorder MAC apps. You can then choose which app will be the best app for us. Now we will be looking at other screen recorder for iOS apps. The other apps are also very good.

Camtasia 2 – iPhone Screen Recorder

We know that we rarely get the things for free but this is amazing iPhone screen recorder app for free. It is made exclusively for MAC. camtasia will not only allow screen recording but will also allow recording of external input devices. This has completely studio like layout which will enable editing of screen recording videos. It also enables different features to be embedded in the videos. You can incorporate yourself into the video. The ease of the way in which videos can be captured is just so simple. Also TechSmith Fuse app will enable the importing of videos and photos to Camtasia from your phone.



It is really very good screen recording software and the best thing about this is that it is absolutely free. It is compatible with MAC versions of 10.9 or more than that. This offers you free trial but that will be available with limited features while the pro version can be bought at just 99$. Just go for this app. You will love this app.

Screen Flow iOS Screen Recorder

It is iOS screen recorder mostly used by professionals for screen recording. It does the screen recording and video editing in just few seconds. Screen flow is very user friendly as its interface is very easy to learn while Camtasia is just bit difficult to learn due to its complex interface. This also offers the same features like Camtasia but that are presented in a very simple way. Screen flow will enable the recording of your iPhone but along with that it will also allow recording of the screen of the iPods, iPad connected to it.


It also allows zooming in the video so that you can concentrate on the things on which you want to concentrate. You can also export the videos from webcam and other cameras and then embed with the screen recording videos. It is compatible with MAC version of 10.10 or more. It is available at just 99$. You should go for this app. It will definitely make your task easier. You should definitely go for this app.

Snapz Pro X Screen Recorder MAC

This screen recorder for iPhone software you can prefer when you specifically want to record the screen videos or screen it. Also if you don’t want to capture full screen then you can record the screen with screen size adjustable. You can drag the drag box so that you can manage the screen size. It has a very simple interface due to which it will be very good for beginners as they can learn the app very easily. It is really very good screen recording app. This feature of the app makes it very unique. It is paid but less than the above two apps.


It is not that feature extensive app as compared to the above two. When you will use its trial version watermark will be there for just 15 days and after it will not be there. For getting the full features you can pay and then watermark will be there forever. It is compatible with MAC versions of 10.8 or later. You should go for this app.

Snagit Screen Recorder for iPad

It is not that professional iPad screen recorder app. The features of the app are good enough to be used by beginners. You can capture you screen in both images and videos. Also the videos which you have captured by Snagit can be shared easily to other platform even with Camtasia so that you can embed yourself into the videos if you want. Also if you want to take the recording of the browsing webpages then you can easily take the pictures of the long webpages and you can keep on scrolling.


Isn’t it good? Yes it is. Snagit will cost you just 50$. This is much cheaper than the above options. It is compatible with MAC versions of 10.9 or more. You can use this app if you are looking for some cheaper alternative.

Screencast-O-Matic iPad Screen Recorder

It is very good iOS 9 screen recorder app that now screen recording in MAC has become so easy that nobody has ever dreamt of. It comes in 2 versions; one is free with limited options while the other one is paid with extensive features. It will work on your phone only when you will install launcher. It will allow 15 minutes of screen recording at 720p. The pro version comes at price of 15$ per year.ipad-screen-recorder

You can record and edit the videos with the help of this app only. You can go for this app if you are looking for some cheaper alternatives with some good features. Go for this, you will love this. All the best!!

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So now we have looked at 5 awesome screen recording apps which make our task easier of recording the screen. All are not very costly and are very professional screen recording apps. Hope you have got the best screen recording ios for iphone and ipads.