How to Send Private Messages on Instagram in a Simple Way

To this day in terms of social networks most used Instagram is the undisputed king surpassing even Facebook in many ways. And is that people like simple and functional things. If you have a instagram account then you must know how to send private messages on instagram. Know more about sending a message from us. Simply have a look at our article.

The ability to upload photos, videos, Instagram stories etc. It is something that becomes very dynamic and fast, although still many people do not know how to send private messages on Instagram and that we will see in this article. You can send the messages easily with the below steps.


How to Send Private Messages on Instagram

It is not at all complicated to send private messages on Instagram said social network, the good thing that it has in front of the others is its great simplicity, although it is focused mostly on mobile devices and is very limited in its version for computers but it is still the most used by far.

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Send Private Messages on Instagram

If you are a instagram lover and using the application then you must know about how to message someone on instagram also see instagram direct online from us. Simply see the below steps and know how to send private messages on Instagram.

how to message someone on instagram

  • First of all open the application on your mobile device, since messages can not be sent from the web.
  • Find who you want to send a message to and go directly to their profile.
  • Once in your profile if you look at the top right, you will see three points, press on them.
  • A pop-up message appears with several options, the one you are interested in is almost at the end and clearly says “Send message”.
  • Then you simply write the message in question. You write the content of the message and press send, you can send photos and emoticons etc.
  • In case you want to cancel the sent message simply press on the message you want to delete for a few seconds, a pop-up message will appear with the option to do so.

How to Send Messages on Instagram

Sending messages on Instagram is not at all complicated, even when you have an Instagram story from a friend, you can write a comment at the bottom, that comment is actually a private message that no one else but the person can see who is the message intended.


And basically that would be it, you do not have much science behind sending a private message on Instagram. The social network of the moment is too easy to use and has the right and necessary options and hopefully continue to stay this way for a while and do not ruin like his older brother. Facebook it becomes hell to be able to manage such social network on computers and even on several mobile devices.

With this you will know how to send a message on instagram, this is simply like any other application that is being used by many people.


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