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Most of the smart phones are coming up with the advance technology involving voice assistants that became most popular in the market. The Siri integration has brought popularity and excitement among the multiple users.The Siri app generally included in Apple iPhone considered as its own digital voice assistant that helps in performing different tasks.The android mobile consists of different alternatives related to apps like Siri. The Siri for android and other related apps are getting more popular and attracting the maximum users with the name itself. Instead of Siri app for android, they have been provided various alternatives.

siri apps for android


The Voice assistants will maximum help out on daily basis. It helps to keep track of most important things and make the user’s life a little easier to manage. Siri is considered as the  digital voice assistant in the current market. There are variations which are quite. The application has the various digital voice for Android.

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Best Siri Apps for Android

The following are the Siri apps for android which is most popular in the digital market.Users can have a look on best Siri Android apps, in which they have an option of a good alternative for the Siri apps for Android phones. Some of the apps are listed below.

  1. Dragon Mobile Assistant
  2. EVA – Voice Assistant
  3. ANDY (Siri like Assistant)
  4. Robin – the Siri Challenger
  5. Indigo Virtual Assistant

The above mentioned are the voice assistants available in the digital market. These are the alternatives for the Android version of Siri.

Dragon Mobile Assistant

The Dragon Mobile Assistance has been developed with a stylish interface and constitutes the functionality as completely reliable Android Siri.It is user-friendly. Sending the text message with the voice to the smart phone will be considered as the best feature. This application helps the user to access any information from the google either it may be the hotels or restaurants and so on over the world wide.


Features of Dragon Mobile Assistant

  • This app is considered as pretty impressive voice detection software.
  • This provides the facts for the user’s queries in an accurate way.
  • Using this app, one can send through email or post on social networking sites.
  • Also, an application has its own voice dictation engine rather than using the goggles.

EVA – Voice Assistant

This is considered as one of the best Siri like app for android with the restricted interface. The Eva has the inclination to read more quickly and providing it very harder to the non-English user as such to understand clearly. The Siri app for the android phone not only works faster but also provides the guidance. This app is reliable in nature. The free trial version for the app will be basically 28 days.And once the trial version gets ends, there will be the paid for best Siri for android and it removes the time limit.

Features of EVA – Voice Assistant

  • The EVA has the features such as Voice messaging, emails, memos and journals using the user’s own voice.
  • Has a provision of Reading and replying to incoming text and email.
    This also provides Integration with Google+, Integration with Evernote and Integration with Tasker.
  • An individual can make a voice message for providing bookmarks to your favorite web sites.
  • One can activate just by shaking the smart phone.

ANDY (Siri like Assistant)

Andy is considered as one of the best Siri app for android phones use the simple interface and it does not provide any inconvenient results. The App is considered as an intelligent personal assistant who acts like student companion. The application mainly searches for history science, religion will be displayed instantly. The Andy also displays the text and helps to read with it. This app initially possesses free trial version but later it includes a lot of advanced features in paid version of Siri for Android apps. The most important feature is the removal of ads that is involved in a free trial version which is quite simple and improves the productivity as well as usability.

Features of ANDY

  • The Andy has a feature of providing the text message by voice and can read the latest messages.
  • The app always has open installed Android applications.
  • With the help of Andy app, we can browse the internet using voice.
  • Also, current conversions, live exchange, and stock rates can also do through the application.

Robin – the Siri Challenger

Robin – the Siri Challenger

This is the light weight application and has the feature of the compact assistant app for Android. The application run faster and nowhere it is ready to use. This app has a peculiar interface which represents the low impact or the low value. To initiate this app, you have to tap on the button so that a transparent screen get appears which mainly shows the application drawback. This application possesses different accents and is opposite to other apps.

Features of Robbin 

  • This application mainly works on voice recognition.
  • The application has the ability to tell about the local places, weather, traffic conditions and so on.
  • It provides the answers very fast and in more accurate way.
  • Also, it communicates with the user seems like the other person is there.

Indigo Virtual Assistant

This application is the one of the best among the 10 Siri apps for Android. This application looks like too natural and has an option of controlling the music with the help of voice. Any individual can translate and can use the navigation app to control the application. This navigation provides the directions and directs in a quick and easy way in addition to this you can get the other features also. This app indigo is connected to various device apps such as google, facebook, twitter and so on.

Features of Indigo Virtual Assistant

  • The application helps in finding the directions towards restaurants.
  • It has the provision of open maps and provides the right directions.
  • An individual can set the alarms since you can have the option in it.
  • One can identify the weather forecast using this application.
  • Also, the application can translate the words and phrases instantly.

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Finally here are the best Siri apps for Android among various applications. These apps help you to keep track of most important things and make the user’s life a little easier to manage. If any queries raised, can comment in the below section.For the further information visit ttop 10. You can download the applications such a way without involving any of the junk files from our links and All the Best.