SkyTorrents Alternatives and Similar Websites

Get the most out of your Internet by downloading programming in torrents files and for that SkyTorrents is just one of the platforms designed to offer the maximum digital entertainment. But what happens when this page is permanently suspended or closed? Of course, we must look for other alternatives and today we present 9 of them.

So you can continue your fun from the privacy and comfort of the TV or computer. Let’s see in broad strokes everything that torrents files represent and what are their platforms. Torrents are file formats where large information is stored under BitTorrent protocol. They are available online and are totally legal.


skytorrentsAs we know Sky Torrents is one of these search engines for torrents available on the web to download different programs under this protocol. It is characterized by maintaining the privacy of its users, the nullity of ads, free of trackers, without the presence of cookies or javascript. If you are one of them then know the following alternatives that will surely serve you.

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What Happened to SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents had great acceptance from the beginning for the ease of downloads, the discretion of its users, the absence of trackers and cookies, and even more, the nullity of advertisements to interrupt the distraction of its users. For its creators, these details were important, so he ignored receiving advertiser contracts which resulted in a deficit in their accounts.


SkyTorrents Alternatives

This lack of advertisements was the most attractive thing about SkyTorrents, but it was also his burial because he did not have his own income to pay for his debts. For a long time they survived by donations from the users until their closure.

Best Alternatives Open to SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents is closed and you do not know what to do? I put the solution in your hands, with this series of alternatives you can download and enjoy the best programming in torrent format at any time of the day. It details what each of them offers its users and is already looking for the best option for you.



Start with knowing the first alternative for the Spanish public EliteTorrent. Its programming is loaded with films of all periods, famous series and various documentaries, all in Spanish or subtitled so you do not miss a word of your script.

EliteTorrent has survived several suspensions on the web, if you do not find it this time, do not hesitate to continue trying it since it will surely come back for you.


What can I tell you about RARBG? represents a reliable alternative when searching for a platform with torrent files. In it you can find a variety of movies and series that you will like to see. Because of its quality, many other pages use their content to offer it to their users.

If you want to see the series of the season or any other television program in a schedule that suits you , then I recommend that you visit, without discussion, a great alternative to Sky Torrents for fans of television productions.

In it you find documentaries of interest, the series of the moment and other programs that will surprise you. If what you want to see is TV content, is the indicated one.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the largest torrent file platforms on the web. It has earned respect and fame among users for their perseverance and perseverance in staying active on the Internet, despite being attacked and blocked in some countries. In addition it has excellent programmatic content compiled for a long time. Without a doubt, it is a good option to choose instead of SkyTorrents.

Among the alternatives to SkyTorrents, I offer you, a torrents file platform designed to store countless movies and offer them to your growing users. Here you can find the highest grossing films of different periods so you do not miss seeing them. Try to find that film you want so much to see, you will surely find it here on

Another alternative to SkyTorrents is It is one of the many web pages loaded with programming in torrent files, where I assure you you will be able to find the highest grossing films of all times, as well as the least recognized but which you like.

Continue knowing the different alternatives to SkyTorrents on the web, this time I present, a powerful torrents file page full of entertainment for all tastes . Its main feature is that you can index content from different pages, thus adding additional value to your repertoire.

Follow the long list of torrent platforms available on the web, now I mention one of the most updated pages in entertainment content, such as blockbuster movies and others not so much but surely you will like.

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Anyway if you were a faithful user to SkyTorrents and after its closure you were in the air, do not be sad because you have at hand fun for a while under BitTorrent protocol. I have shown alternatives to Skytorrents with which you can try and decide which one you like the most. Search them now from your computer.