Snapchat Saver Apps to Save Snapchat Photos and Videos

Snapchat is an application software in which we can update our status with the help of text, pic or even a video. This app is very popular especially used by young people who wants to be transparent in the society and want every moment of their life with their friends and family.

In this app you can send and receive messages, photos, videos to all the friends who are connected with you using snapchat. It is like the other apps which are available in the market. The only difference is that you cannot save the photos or videos that have posted by your friends directly in the application.


snapchat saver apps

Also, the post vanishes once you see it or after sometime. This is just a real time status which can be posted by everyone. Your posts can be seen by them, but they cannot manipulate or save them and those messages will be expired within the short span of time once the recipient has seen it. Still, we want to save some photos of our friends for memories, then we can simply use these snapchat saver apps and save the photos and videos on your device.

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Top 5 Snapchat saver apps

If you post a photo which is already in your gallery, then there is no problem. But, if you have posted a real time photo which is taken within the app then it may not be saved in your gallery. Or else you want to save your friends photos which are posted by them, then you can see the below snap save apps through which we can download the app and have fun of saving all the stuff.

Following are the top 5 Snapchat saver apps to help you in saving the app. Here you save all your favourite videos and photos from snapchat directly into your gallery. Let us see these top 5 best snapchat saver apps and know how to save snapchat media without any errors.

  1. Screenshot Snap.
  2. SnapBox
  3. Snapcrack
  4. SaveMysnaps.
  5. Casper

Screenshot Snap

This is just a screenshot and screen recording app available in the app store. Once this app is installed then you can see the option in the status bar to start and stop recording and also the icon to take screenshot. By this you can save your snapchat stuff, let us see how it works.


After downloading this app, just open your snapchat and if you like any photo then just drag down the status bar and then click on the screenshot icon. Then your screenshot will be saved. If you want to save the video then opt screen recorder to save it immediately whern the videos start playing.

snapchat saver


This is one of the best app to save snapchat videosThis snapbox app will help us to save the photos permanently in our device. This is also used as the best alternative for the snapchat. Whenever want to save a snap or a videos from snapchat which is posted by your friends. Then open this snapbox and login with snapchat user-id and password and save snaps. Isn’t it simple, then try it!

snapchat saver android


Snapcrack is the application through which we can save our snapchat media into our devices. This app helps you to upload snaps and videos from the camera roll on your iPhone. It is an apple application available in apple store. You can insert emoji, stickers and anything you want to. By this app you can save snaps which were sent to you by your snapchat friends. This app is best with the easy to access user interface.

app to save snapchats


It is an android application through which you can view and save your snaps from your snapchat account. This android app will let you download the photos and videos from snapchat, but the only thing is that you can only save it if you have not seen that post yet, because if you already seen then it will be vanished from your timeline.

app to save snapchat videos


This casper app is also from the developer who created SaveMySnaps app. It is a bit high i n performance when we compare it with the above listed apps. It is an alternative for snapchat which can do much more than it. with this app you can save photos, videos and stroies. Also apply stickers, filters and all other to it. It is an android app and cannot be installed by iOS users.

snapchat save pics app

Other Similar Apps

Final Words

So friends these are the snapchat saver android apps and also some of them are for apple devices also. Whatever with the help of these apps you can simply save your snapchat media into your device permanently and can view anytime you want. How you like these top 5 snapchat saver apps. If you do so, then please share this post on facebook, twitter and other social media websites. Also download and try the above mentioned apps from internet and share your views with us. You can use the comment section given below to give us your suggestions and queries.