How to Stop Apps Running in Background Android Programmatically

How to prevent applications from running in the background

Want to know how to stop apps running in background android programmatically. It does not matter if you use Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry or another operating system, one of the big complaints of smartphones is how short the battery lasts , especially after a few months of brand new mobile. We can try to conserve it by letting it always load up to 100%, trying to use it less, etc., but also closing the apps when we finish using them. If you do not know how to prevent applications from running in the background , we will explain it to you in one. Too easy.

Now a days when we are using a mobile we simply see the apps use them and keep our phone aside, but the major issue is the applications which we have used were not stopped, they were running even after we close our mobile. We think we dont have any loss but the major issue comes with the battery, as the apps are running continuously the battery discharges very quickly.


how to stop apps running in background android programmatically

So to avoid this we need to know how to stop apps running in background android programmatically. Here is the complete process of explaining this, see below.

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Steps to follow to close apps in Android:

See Which App is Running

  • The first thing you should know is which applications run in the background and consume more battery. To do this you must go to Settings> Battery, and you will see the percentage of battery spent by each app. Now you will know which application consumes more battery, which ones run in the background, etc.
  • Perhaps the most effective method, but also more drastic, to prevent an app from running in the background is to uninstall it . If it is an application that you do not use or that is pre-installed in the system, it is the best option, but it has the disadvantage that you will not be able to use it again and that if it is a critical system app, you can cause failures in the smartphone, so that you must know very well what you do .
  • In our article how to remove pre-installed applications on Android we explain how to do it with those apps that come by default on your mobile.

Remove Pre Installed Applications

  • The great alternative to uninstalling them is to close them manually . When you leave an app, for example when you press the “Back” button, it does not always close, sometimes it remains open in the background. In that case, we have two ways to close them: press the home button or recent applications and slide to the side the app you want to close, or go to Settings> Applications> In Execution. You will see all the applications that you have open, so you only have to select the one you want to close and press “Stop”.
  • how to close applications in Android we explain the steps to follow in this operating system.
  • A highly recommended method to avoid these executions in the background is to hibernate applications. Actually they remain in the background, but without consuming microprocessor, battery or RAM, although we do not kill either.
  • For this you have to download Greenify , an application with which we can automatically hibernate the apps that we select until we reopen them. Of course, do not hibernate the applications necessary to synchronize data or launch services. The free version hibernates all downloaded apps and with the payment you can hibernate all the system.

Use Boot Manager

  • There are apps that are activated by just starting the system and begin to consume battery and resources since you turn on the phone. With BootManager you can manage the applications that are executed when you start the system, and Autorun Manager allows you to disable the apps that start at the same time as the device. In both cases you will need to have your smartphone rooted to work well.
  • All these tricks are used to prevent applications from running in the background, but before applying them keep in mind that if you block a basic application for the phone to work properly it is likely to have major problems and malfunction, so it is recommended Be very sure of what you do to avoid complications with your mobile.

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