Best Synergy Alternatives and Similar Softwares

Technology makes everything possible. The computer is one such unique invention which is very useful in homes, offices and companies these days. Earlier we used to operate one computer at a time but today, we can run various devices with the help of software like Synergy. It is an app which links various desktops with the help of a single mouse as well as the keyboard.

Synergy is one of the most popular apps in companies and colleges. It also has low maintenance costs and you can control multiple computers. Synergy also works perfectly on all operating systems and it is one of the safest tools to use on computers.


Synergy Alternatives

There are many Synergy alternatives which you can try for your home and offices. They are as under below.

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Best Alternatives to Synergy

Check the best synergy alternatives and similar softwares to connect the mouse and keyboard for multiple systems.

1. Quicksilver

Quicksilver is an app which is compatible with macOS. With this app, you can enjoy doing various activities with the keyboard. It simplifies the task of finding the various objects and files by entering the name in the search bar. It also includes many plugins for sending emails and changing images. Quicksilver will ease many tasks such as playing tracks from iTunes and to change the tracks. This app can be used by IT engineers and network administrators for operating all the devices at the same time.

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2. Ultramon

The next on the list is Ultramon which is a good option. You can handle multiple tasks in a convenient manner with this tool. It runs on all versions of Windows. It is developed in Bern in Switzerland. Ultramon has many amazing features such as 2 title bars for easy operation of Windows, wallpaper option, screensaver management, and others. You can use this tool free for a month. You can handle up to 10 devices at one time.


3. Zoho Creator

This is one of the best apps for businessmen. Zoho creator will help in systematic arrangement of files and folders which will help you a lot. It also has features such as geo-location by which you can do various tasks from any part of the globe. It will notify you every time whenever there is a new update. You can plan all your meetings and events using timeline reports and calendar. The app contains charts and location maps for different tasks and activities.

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4. DisplayFusion

DisplayFusion is a nice Synergy alternative which you can try for your devices. You can handle 2 screens simultaneously with this tool. It also displays the programs on the screen. With powerful features such as hotkeys and title bar option, this tool is perfect for homes, offices, colleges,and corporates. The title bar options will help you to change the size of Windows. With hotkeys, you can use various screensaver for each monitor. This tool will improve the performance of your devices.

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5. Appian

The next is Appian tool. It is used by millions of businessmen all over the globe. You will enjoy working in fast speed with this tool. You will get the best experience of accessing all programs together. There are connectors and APIs which will provide better integration. One of the best advantages of using Appian is that it is a power saver tool. You can make a schedule of all your business meetings and events with this tool.

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6. ZBar

ZBar is a good Synergy alternative one can use for operating more than one monitor. You can also manage your taskbar on the screens and get shortcuts of the keyboard on a single screen. If you want to look at the date every now and then, you can put a 6-month calendar on the screen with the help of this tool. It simplifies many of your routine tasks on PC.

7. Process Street

You can handle many tasks of your business at the same with Process Street tool. You can track all your important activities of business anytime and anywhere. It offers easy visibility of all tasks on screens and also saves much of the cost. It has a simple user interface and also provides sales reports and demos.

8. MurGeeMon

The next is MurGeeMon which is robust software for all versions of Windows. You can handle several monitors at one time with this tool. You can also switch from one device to other within few minutes. It is very easy to change the background of monitors using MurGeeMon software. You can also change the wallpapers for different monitors with this software. It gives a powerful performance on all devices and you do every task efficiently.

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These are some of the best alternatives to Synergy which will save much of your time. When you have multiple tasks to do, you can use these tools on different devices. You can set wallpaper, screensaver and change the size of Windows with these tools. These alternatives are best for individuals, small companies and other businesses. Visit Aljum for more information.