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Teleprompter app is one of the best application that is used in the smartphones and tablets inorder to edit or write some information through a bluetooth. For many users rather than using some different apps to save notes or to edit it you can get a simple way by using the best teleprompter app. There are different applications that provides this facility.

These teleprompter applications can be used in the pc, MAC, android and iOS devices. You can use the application on any of the device and with a single click you can simply edit the notes or replace it. As these apps are controlled by audio so it becomes very easy to edit.


teleprompter app

Despite the criticism that some people have the teleprompter is an artifact that can be quite useful for journalists. If you are interested in using the benefits of this device you can choose to download teleprompter applications from online stores instead of purchasing one at a high price. We present a list that includes some options available for tablets of the two most popular operating systems

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Teleprompter App for Android

Here are some of the best teleprompter app for android which you can use them on your smartphone. Have a look at these applications and choose the best one that suits for you.

teleprompter app android

1. Android Prompter

It is an application capable of reading and editing text files. Its main advantage is that the user can control the app through Bluetooth, so you do not have to necessarily stay on the side of the tablet to have control over Android Promter.


One can choose to visualize the material in two ways: white characters on black or vice versa. In the same way, you can also select the size of the letters and the speed with which the text moves.

It is available for free.

2. Easy-prompter

It is a simple alternative that allows work with mirrors, this is one the best android teleprompter app that is most widely used.

Work with different text files that can be extracted directly from a web page just by entering the URL. You can also read documents that are in HTML code.

The customization options allow to choose the color of the text, the speed of the displacement and the size of the lectra.

Available at $ 1.49

3. Free Telepromter

It is perhaps the most basic option on the list. It is enabled to work with mirrors and is limited to modify the speed of the text and the color of the background.

This is available for free.

4. T8L Teleprompter

Work with the copy and paste system to take texts to the telepromter. It offers the possibility to customize the size of the letter and the speed with which the text scrolls on the screen.

You do not have the option to work with mirrors.

It is available for free.

5. i-Prompt Pro

It is an application for those people who want to work with mirrors. Among the options that the user can customize are the alignment of the text, the speed of the movement and the color of the text and the background. This is a teleprompter app android that mostly used in 2019.

In addition, one can download texts to the application from emails or using the copied and pasted system.

Available for free.

Teleprompter App for iPhone

If you are a ios users then you you simply use these teleprompter app for ipad and iphones and simply install them through your app store.

Teleprompter App for iPhone

6. DV Prompter

It is a telepromter application suitable for devices developed by Apple. You can have control over the application using Bluetooth and remote cables.

It has several customization options related to the speed of text movement. Has an attractive and clean appearance and adapted to iOS 7.

It is available for free

7. PrompterPal

Promter Pal allows to modify the appearance of the content of the text according to the needs of the user, that is why it has a wide range of customization options that include changes in font size, scroll speed and timer.

The app is enabled to be used with mirrors and to share files via email and iTunes.

Due to the great variety of features, its price is $ 4.99

8. Prompterous

This application also has its version for Android devices. It has the basic customization options and works with more than 24 different text formats.

It stands out because it allows to exchange files quickly and safely due to its integration with Google Drive and Dropbox. In addition, you can also send documents by email.

It is available at $ 1.99.

9. Best Prompter Pro

Use the system of copying and pasting from the web or emails. Among the customization options, the user can modify the letter, speed and background color for each document that is worked within the app.

It includes the possibility of using markers to organize the material that you are taking to the telepromter, this is a best teleprompter app for mac too.

The most outstanding feature is that it allows recording audio, with the aim that later the person who used the app can analyze his speech and improve certain aspects of it.

Available at $ 3.99

10. Teleprompter Pro Lite

It is a telepromter system with the basic characteristics to modify the speed and size and color of the font. This is enabled to work with mirrors.

It offers stability in the displacement, a detail that allows to have the clear text in the screen, reason why the user does not need to strain the view to be able to visualize the content.

Available for free.

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Hope you have got the best teleprompter apps for your android and ios devices. These applications are mostly used by many of the people who wants to save their time in editing. There are many other applications too but here we are providing the best among them. If you think there are any other best apps then simply share with us using the comment section below. Also visit ttop10 for more information.