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Are you searching for the best tinder alternatives for your mobile, then we always say that little by little smartphones are increasingly useful in everyday life, to the extent that they allow us to access applications of all kinds and with them, be productive, entertain, or why not flirt. In fact in these times there are many useful applications, if what we want is to have an approach with someone or meet a person that may interest us.

If we think of applications to link strictly we know that most of our readers will look at Tinder since it is the most popular but that does not mean there are not good alternatives in mobile. For that reason if any in particular you can not or do not want to use Tinder to meet people, we will show you the best alternatives to Tinder for Android.


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Of these applications you have to take into account that although all have been specially made so that we have the possibility to meet people, not all have the same functioning, so you should spend a few minutes. To that we must add, as an interesting fact that none of them is for payment, so you can download and try them as many times as you can find useful.

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Best Alternative Applications to Tinder on Android

Here are some of the best apps that are similar to tinder app. You can simply have a look at these tinder alternatives and know more about them from us.


The first of the applications to link in Android as an alternative to Tinder is OkCupid, from which we have to start saying that it is really popular, because although it does not sound like you, since 2004 it is working. This one in particular is quite similar to Tinder, although it allows to add other informative elements, so that it will be much easier to find someone with whom we coincide 100%.

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Indeed Happn is one of the applications that I consider as the most interesting within this field, because it does not try to find us with our better half from the likes and the photos than the other uploads. Has it ever happened to you to “fall in love” with someone who crosses you on the street? Well Happn collects the information of all the people you cross, so that crossed look on the bus does not just stay on that.


Sexyono is another alternative to tinder that we believe we could not fail to mention in this kind of compilation, another that also has many elements in common with the queen of the segment, because it even had great influence on the interface that Tinder has. It is a kind of game, in which we have to judge the photos of others in case they look or not, very similar to what Badoo or Lulu offers.


And we are going to finish this article by stopping in the last instance in LOVOO, an application that can be of enormous interest when it comes to meeting people who may become interested. Its operation starts from a map or radar that informs us about the people close to our position so that we can send you a chat and who knows, go for a coffee or an entertaining spin that leads to something else.

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With this may be you have got the best tinder alternatives to use. You can simply use these alternatives on your smartphone and get the new friends for you. If you like this article simply share it in the social networking sites like facebook and twitter. Also visit ttop10 for more information.