Best DNS servers for gaming – Top 5 DNS alternatives

Best dns servers: The Domain Name System (DNS) is the special technology to assign the domain name to a public server and also manage the public DNS servers. It also saves the names of a Public Websites and all other internet domains. When you type a domain name and click on enter then you can get this app on the browser. This DNS technology will be a help to us by allowing us to type the domain name on the web browser like and then the system will find your website and shows immediately. SO, this DNS is the platform through which we can join in the Domain Name system in which all the global domains are stored and retrieved as a search result.

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The most important feature of DNS is a collection of Best DNS servers from all over the world. I this the special purpose networking database which contains all the domains and their IP address for helping the internet hosts. Also, this DNS will connect to the PC other servers using this mobile application. It also connects one server from another server using the IP address. Also, see top 5 Snapchat saver apps  As we all know our Internet Service Provider (ISP) will give you a DNS server when the time of hosting. But If you want another DNS address, then you can look for the alternatives of the DNS server list.

See some of the alternatives of the dns servers these are the best dns servers for gaming, have a look at these.

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    Why an Alternative to DNS Requires?

    Well, in some situations our domain may block or stops working, in that time we have to get the alternative for the fastest DNS servers. There are the few reasons why we want an alternative to the DNS.

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    1. For the speed Improvements Based on the Distance between your place and the DNS server.
    2. If your DNS server provided by the ISP’s is not Trustworthy. The alternative will Improve stability.
    3. If your operating system is not updated and you get no security updates, then an alternative DNS will help you.
    4. Also, you can remove all the geographical based content restrictions.

    Top 5 Alternatives of Best DNS servers

    If you are facing one of the above-given reasons, and want to get the best free DNS, then you are in the right place. The following are the top 5 alternatives to the best free DNS list. You can choose based on your Problem. Checkout the details of each and every alternative here. Here you can also know about Best call Blocking apps here.


    1. Google DNS (Public)

    This is the primary DNS server alternative which comes from the Google to make our web faster and secure. It is started in the year 2009 and helping many of the people till now. It is the best DNS service and also the largest DNS service provider in the world. With this app, you can change your IP address to and If you change your DNS server from ISP’s DNS to Google Public DNS. Then it will enhance your security and speed will maximise because google uses Anycast to find the nearer server to interact online. It will secure you from DNS cache Poisoning attacks and DoS attacks.

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    Then it will enhance your security and speed will maximise because google uses Anycast to find the nearer server to interact online. It will secure you from DNS cache Poisoning attacks and DoS attacks.

    2. OpenDNS

    OpenDNS will be helpful, for the people who don’t want a DNS replacement but want more control on the Domain name servers, then this is the best alternative for the DNS server. It will give you enhanced control and security when compared to the Default one. If you want full-fledged protection then you can get the premium version. There are two types of DNS available personal and Business. You can select your relevant option and then you can get the features of that pack.

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    To enable Open DNS you have to Set primary and Secondary IP address as and It also supports anycast routing just as the google public DNS. This OpenDNS will give you the maximum speed.

    3. Comodo Secure DNS

    It is also one of the best Domain name servers. It will give you the combination of Safety, Security and reliability so that we can have a better performance without Domains. Comodo Secure DNS will use a powerful network which consists of a large number of servers, so you can trust on its reliability. Also, it will work effectively towards threats and blocks them to protect us from damage. This will optimise your speed by connecting you to the nearest server. It will create a block list of all the Deceptive sites and pages it will never let you visit those sites again.

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    The IP address of the Comodo Secure DNS is  for primary and for the secondary server. You can just change your current IP to theseIP and get started with a fully protected server.

    4. Norton ConnectSafe

    It is also the best DNS servers service provider which is mainly used for the complete protection of the web. Unlike the other DNS servers, this will give you the best ever experience with its three different variants for protection. You can choose any of the variants to proceed. First one will fight against Malware, Phishing and scam, whereas the second one will Secure you from the most dangerous pornography and Security.

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    And the final one also works like the second one, which will protect us from Security, pornography and all others. For each one, you select you will get the different IP address. Also, you can use this from the router and also from our system too.

    5. OpenNIC DNS

    OpenNIC is a great DNS solution through which you can get for free. Yes, this is available free and also easy to use. It will help you to step out from the ISP DNS Hijacking. In this DNS alternative, you will see the option to find the Best server near to the action and connects to that with maximum speed and reduces the loading time.

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    It will also provide you with the enhanced connection and speed. So we can say this as the best alternative DNS.


    So, friends, these are the best DNS servers alternatives for gaming and also it will protect you from malware and all other issues. Hope you like this alternatives, then choose one and say your experience to us using the comment section provided below. Thank you for reading this article, please share this with all your friends and help them finding the best server. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting for more updates and Information.