Top 15 Best Torrenting Sites To Download Torrents

Best Torrenting Sites:Are you penchant towards watching movies? If yes, then torrent would be your most visited site till now. Isn’t it? Watching movies is fun but sometimes when new movie is released and you are desperate to see the movie by hook or by crook then torrent can be you panacea. Torrent has database of huge number of movies for that best torrent sites are required like text free app. You just need to search the movie and movie will be definitely on Torrent. Downloading movie is not nuts and bolts you must remember. The torrent links which you get on Google are not safe as some torrent links contains virus and malware that can make your device slow. So, you must be baffled about link to download the movie. So no need to worry as you will get to know top torrent sites in latter part.

No need to take such tensions as today you will get to know which are top best torrent sites. Also you will know that these links are not errant. These will let you the flaws earlier before you test the waters. So let us look at the list of top best torrenting sites.


best torrent sites

Top 15 torrent sites are sorted and are listed out here, you can use any one of these websites and get the best torrenting site 2016 among them. From all these sites you can even get the best music torrent site also, from these you can even have the music too.

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Top Best Torrent Sites

All these are the top ten torrenting sites 2016 and 2017 you can get the best site, also even you can convey if any torrent sites left from here and other than the those best site to download torrent.


  1. KickAss Torrent

This is one of the most visits torrent sites for movies in the world. You can just search any movie and I bet that you will get it for sure. The best part about kickass torrent is that no unwanted advertisements are there on its site. Also, the file which gets downloaded when you click on download link is not errant. The file is free from any bugs, virus and other malwares. It is definitely not going to harm your system. This site was earlier known by people by name but the site has been charged by government due to some reasons. You can go for KickAss Torrent for downloading latest movies.

  1. The Pirate Bay

It is in the top ten Torrent sites. The site is very user friendly and it lacks all bullish scrap like unwanted advertisements. You can get almost all movies on this site also. The file which you will download from here will not be error prone. In fact not only movies can be downloaded from here but also games, software and songs can also be downloaded. It has maximum number of views daily and thus The Pirate Bay is in decent top 10 torrent sites to download any movie.

  1. YIFY Torrent

This is again a very spanking torrent site for download of movies. The UI of the page is outstanding. You are definitely going to like the site interface. Database of huge number of movies is present. You will get all your movies in HD quality. You must be thinking that the movies will be of huge size if it is of HD quality. No it isn’t. The size of the movie is small but quality is great.

  1. EZTV- Top Torrent Forum

This is actually a forum where people post the movies and TV series. You can get all recent updated movies on its home page. Also this forum is specially made for TV series for which people are crazy. The files downloaded from here lack all viruses and other malwares.

  1. Lime Torrent

This best torrent website has the maximum health meter then how can it not be listed in top 14 torrent sites. Do you know what health meter is? No. Health meter basically tells you that how the site is free from viruses and Trojans in the form of percentage. Lime Torrent has indeed very good health meter.

Top 10 Torrent Sites

You can get the torrent easily from the respective sites. If you want to watch a movie without online streaming then you can simply get a torrent install on it and then watch the movie, so to get those best torrent sites and here are the few torrent downloading sites.

torrent-sites-for -movies

  1. Torrent Hound

This torrent is very huge. You cannot imagine the number of torrents present on this page. The site which updates its database daily with 5000 torrents must be very huge. You will get all updated content here either it is movie or song. You will get it for sure.

  1. io

This site is top most organized sites among all torrents. The UI of the site is very good. In the left side you will get panel where categories like movies free movie apps, Software, Songs are listed. You can browse through them in order to know the updated things.

  1. Mini Nova

This site is different from other torrent as here you will also get torrent of software, books and music also. You can simply search for thing you are searching for in search panel. On home page you can see the latest torrent. In total it is very good new torrent site.

  1. Torrentz

This popular torrent site has most powerful search engine. Whatever you search for in search panel it will definitely show you the results depending on keywords in search panel. So if you are not getting your result on any torrent search on this I bet you will definitely get it for sure.

  1. BTScene

It has huge number of torrent like that of movies, songs, anime, games, eBooks and other miscellaneous. It is in fact quite organized too. So just try this site, you will like this site and also the file download will be free from any virus.

Torrent Sites For Movies

Here are the best movie torrent websites, you can use these websites to download the torrents for free. Also see the free movie apps for android and ios.


  1. ExtraTorrent

Extra torrent is a good site and can be considered as a good option to download torrents. You can get almost all torrents here. So what can be good than that? In fact the torrents are categorized into different sections which you can see easily on its home page.

  1. 1337x

It is not yet most visited site but it is definitely the best torrent site. Get the best apps, games amd music from here. In the top right section you will get a search panel. You can get your torrents easily there.

  1. Monova

Here you can search for the movie by searching by name or by hash tag. Also you can upload the movies present with you so as to make this site a huge collection of movies. Isn’t it great? Then go for this site and download the most secure torrent.

  1. Yify

It is one of the best torrent sites which has huge collection of Hollywood movies from here you can download your movies. If you are fan of Hollywood movies you can go for Yify. You will never regret visiting that site.

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So now you got to know the hierarchy of the best torrent sites which you should visit in order to download your movies. So, All the best for downloading movies and have fun . You can visit ttop10 for more information.