10+ Phone Cleaner Apps For Android and iOS

Are you in search of best phone cleaner apps for your device. This is a smartphone era and many of us were spending most of our time with the smartphone. The Common things in Smartphone will always be opening apps, Be Going to websites, surfing, video streaming, Downloads and also Gaming.

By these all tasks the junk files and cache in the mobile will increases and also eats up all your memory. So before your Mobile storage fills up with the junk files, I want to say you about the Top 10 phone cleaner apps through which you can know about the features and advantages you get by installing those apps.


phone cleaner apps

The below given are the top 10 storage cleaner apps like android battery saver apps in which we can delete all the junk files like image cache, duplicate files, Videos, unopenable files, Empty folders and browser history. By, removing all these we can get the best ever control over your storage and also get so much empty space to download more files in our mobile. So, the following are the top 10 phone cleaner app for android, read the description and know about each and every app thoroughly.

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Best Android Cleaner Apps

You can get the top phone cleaner apps from us. Look at all the applications that are provided here and choose the best one that fits for you.

Clean Master (Boost&Antivirus)

This is the most popular app in which we can do many tasks like clearing the cache, history of the web browser, remove junk files and obsolete APK files from your system and thereby save your space or story. It is most attractive with its colourful and easy to use user interface. This app has so many inbuilt features like battery saver, app Booster, Game booster etc. Another interesting feature of this app is 1 Tap Boost, with just one tap you can remove all the junk files and thereby speed of your Android device.

phone cleaner apps



CCleaner is firstly developed as a PC app and thereby entered into android devices. It was similar to the Clean Master and also it will remove junk files application cache, Internet cache and lots more. It will also show you the list of applications that you rarely used so that you can uninstall them and free up your space. This app which was made with the very friendly user interface and also it is free of ads.

best cleaner for android

Systweak Android Cleaner

systweak is the best cleaning app through which we can save battery and extend memory by clearing the cache apps. It also has the feature one tap booster just like Clean Master, to which we can clear junk files with a single tab. This will also enable the ability to hibernate the app which are restarting constantly. It is also well known for Ram cleaning. In the file explorer we can delete all the duplicate and redundant files using this systweak app.

best phone cleaner apps

App Cache Cleaner

This app cache cleaner is well known for its super fast cache cleaning and Device boosting software in which we can remove the cache in the apps, web browser and in all the places where we daily surf. It lists all of the cache files and app names in it. You can exclude the most important things from the cleaning process. it is very useful app for the web surfers.

best cleaning apps

DU Speed Booster & Cleaner

DU cleaner is also a special boosting app in which we can Boost, apps, games and lots more and speeds up your device instantly. If you find your device getting slow then you just boost your phone with this DU speed booster and cleaner app. Not only cache cleaner but also it will clear the viruses and trash using Inbuilt antivirus app. This is excellent in boosting up the charging speed. It will boost up to 20% of the charging time.

android cleaner app

Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is one of your best optimisation tool ever. It will clean and totally optimise all your android device and enhances its performance. Droid optimiser will remove applications cache and also shut downs the background apps to make it faster. It will clean up the phone and increases its battery.

best phone clean app

360 Security Lite

360 security is the best app and works as an  Android optimizing app. It will also do several tasks like battery saver, speed booster, and antivirus app. this app will also closes the background apps and removes the unwanted memory space by cleaning the junk files. #60 security lite is developed specially for who has 1 GB or lesser memory. It is a full packed app with antivirus, battery saver and that too this app only consumes 4Mb of your memory.

best android cleaner app

AVG Cleaner & Battery Booster

Most interesting app with the features like junk cleaner, app management, battery saver and Mobile data saver. This will help you in cleaning up the best browsing history and large video and audio files etc. Even it will not work up to the mark, it will work decently and saves our memory. It will remind you with notifications whenever the device has to be cleaned. Expert in cleaning the background apps and controls the data usage.

best phone cleaning app

The Cleaner – Speed up & Clean

This app will help you in speeding up your Android, junk cleaning, Increase the storage and enhance the mobile performance for the best gaming experience ever. It has a built-in app lock through which we can lock our private apps and protect us from snoopers. With its friendly user interface, you can create your own customized themes and set the scheduler for Cleaning apps in timely intervals.

storage cleaner apps

Turbo Booster (Speed up)

A new app from Softonic to Clean, speed-up and Optimise your android device. It also frees up the RAM and manages and deletes the unimportant apps from your mobile. Turbo booster will also save the memory to speed the phones and games. It also has a one-tap feature to delete the app. You can get this and try it out for once.

phone cleaner apps

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So friends that’s all for the day. Today we are going to let you know about the top phone cleaner apps, in which we can get the information about the android junk cleaning apps and more. Also, here you can get the information about the key features of it. Hope you like the article, if you do so, then please download and try the app now. Also, give your ratings and reviews on this app using the comments box. Thank you for visiting our website, keep visiting for more interesting stuff, Thank you.