Top 5 TV Addons for Kodi For Live TV

Kodi is a powerful multimedia player that allows you to play almost any type of content  The best thing about Kodi is that it is completely free and that it offers a wide range of streaming services. In Kodi’s definitive guide you will find everything you need to know about Kodi. Let’s go back to the subject. In addition to watching movies and listening to music at Kodi you can watch live TV on a lot of movie channels, series, sports and more.

If you are looking for a free way to watch live TV without having to pay large sums of money to different companies or TV services, you are in the right place.


tv addons for kodi

As we already mentioned, Kodi is completely free and open source. All you have to do is install Kodi on any device: Mac, Windows, Android, iOS etc. After installation you will have to add some of the add-ons that we add below. If you do not feel like reading the complete guide that we mentioned, here you can find how to install Addons on Kodi in its different versions.

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Best TV Addons for Kodi

In this article, we have selected the best accessories to watch live TV. In this way you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for. We begin


Phoenix is ​​a relatively new Addon, but that does not make it any less worthy of the first place on the list. It offers you a wide variety of international TV channels.

tv addon for kodi


In general, Phoenix offers you TV channels from most countries on the planet. It is updated regularly by the community, so you can always expect to find something new in each version. To see international channels, select the category Crusader88. Apart from this, through this Addon you can also see a wide variety of movies, music, news etc. The best thing about the add-on is that it works exceptionally well.


Navi-X is one of Kodi’s oldest live TV Addons. It counts several million users and gives you  suggestions based on the most popular by temporary ranges, that is: in the most seen in the last 24 hours in the last week in the last month etc. It is a great feature for those users who almost never know what they want to see since they tell you directly.

kodi tv addons

Navi-X has live TV at international level. It has channels of action movies, science fiction, series, sports (basketball games, soccer games, golf tournaments etc) and more. You can also watch the latest movies released, listen to the music you prefer and watch TV programs at any time as long as they are available.

You can mark any channel as a favorite to access easily from the favorite channels tab. Navi-x also incorporates a very useful functionality to filter the search results.


Vdubt25 is a very basic Addon in terms of its appearance, but it works very well. It offers a good variety of classified channels in categories such as live sports, international news, movies, music and more. All in it in streaming of a quality that goes from high to medium.

tv addon for kodi

The Addon also has specific channels for different countries. It offers several programs and TV series in HD like Game of Thrones, Vikings, Breaking Bad and others. There is a category for children with a wide variety of animated films and series of drawings as well as movies for the little ones. You can also see when it was the last time a particular category was updated.

Stream Engine

Stream Engine is a simple but effective addon for Kodi, it is very useful to watch live television. The best thing about this Addon is the way in which it classifies the channels into categories.

tv addons for kodi

Some of the available channels are Fox News, Fox Movies, Fox Sports, Cartoon Network, MTV, ESPN HD, Sky Sports, NBA TV and many more. In addition, you can watch your favorite TV series thanks to the collection of TV series that it incorporates, although it does not have as much variety as other Addons that we have already seen, limited to the most popular.


USTVNow is a subscription-based service exclusively for the US. It is a service exclusively for US users but we put it on the list because we have Hispanic readers from that country. You need to subscribe to it through its official website.

best addons for kodi tv

The service offers you 6 free US channels for free and if you want more channels, you will have to go to a paid subscription for about € 19 per month. In the latter case, you will only have 28 channels so it is not to shoot rockets either.

If you are looking for an Addon to watch American channels such as CBS, Fox News, ESPN, History, NBC and others, you should try this Addon. Despite not having much to offer regarding the variety of content, it is very popular in the United States, being the reason why we have included it in the classification.

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Now that you have seen the list of the best Kodi accessories to watch TV live, the ball is on your roof. If you do not find what you are looking for without a doubt, it will not be due to lack of options from the Kodi community.

Apart from the Kodi supplements to watch the live TV that we have mentioned, you can also check here a list with the best Kodi Addons in general visit ttop10 for more information.