Two Player Game Apps For Android & iOS

2 Player Game Apps for Android

Want to play a game with your friend then you can simply choose a two player game apps that can be installed on your device and can be played very easily. Here in our article for our ttop10 users we are providing the best two player apps that can played easily and can be best games for you.


Some of the two person game apps are provided below. The best 2 player apps are provided in this article. We have collected some best applications that are tried by us and have kept here.

Two Player Game Apps For Android & iOS

We love Android multiplayer games and after playing many games we can say that these are the best Android multiplayer games. Read our guide and download the ones you like most for free.


Apps Games for Two Players

Two player apps are listed below. With these applications you can play the games for free. See the apps and games that are listed below.

4Player Reactor

4Player Reactor is a fast simple and fun reaction game for two or four players on the same device. During the game one of the 28 mini-games is shown on the screen and if you think the answer shown is correct you only have to press your button before your opponents to win a point.

4Player Reactor


Some of the mini-games in this app are based on pure reaction speed ideal for the youngest. Others require knowledge of countries of the world or practice solving puzzles.

The application has an elegant and intuitive interface which does not try to distract you with special effects or explosions and works even on the oldest Android devices or tablets. The app has three game difficulty modes.

8 Ball Billiards

One of the funniest multiplayer online games on Google Play. If you like 8-ball pool and you want to face players from all over the world and climb positions in a world ranking to show that you are the best in this type of billiards do not take another second to download it.

8 Ball Billiards

Regardless of the level of pool you have you will find players to have fun. There are players of all levels in their different rooms. It is also very customizable being able to choose between 20 tables and exclusive eight ball billiard cues.

Glow Hockey 2

Glow Hockey 2 is an application that will allow you a new vision of that sport with an easy way to play but difficult to master in which you can challenge your opponents from your device.

Glow Hockey 2

This app has an option for two players on the same device colorful graphics and a smooth and intuitive game system that has a very realistic physics engine for actions. It also has four levels of depth for the solitaire player option which will show your mastery playing against the machine.


Gentlemen! is one of the most commented and valued games on social networks and specialized sites which will take you to a battle between two contenders of the Victorian Era with an arcade graphic style and sharing the same device.

With this application you must choose your weapons intelligently to face your opponent in an honorable duel where you must know how to jump dodge bullets and move in the city environments of the time.


If you like dominoes you will enjoy this version of multiplayer dominoes to play online in games of 2, 3 or 4 players from around the world. This multiplayer version will allow you to face your friends or other players in individual games or in pairs. You can even train alone if what you want is to learn and / or improve.


What we like most is that besides playing in fun games winning will give us points to go up in the game and go climbing positions in a world ranking. And we can choose between different models to customize our domino games.

Doodle Basketball

Doodle Basketball is a simple game but at the same time exciting and with a very realistic physics engine for the plays. The action of the game occurs on a sheet of paper which gives it originality and an unforgettable atmosphere.

The objective of the game is to obtain the maximum number of points using a limited number of balls. By making direct hits you can win extra balls.

With this app you can compete with players from around the world and become the first in the world list of records.

You can enjoy this game a lot thanks to its easy management original design and sound effects. Finally In each game you can save the current progress of the game and know the world leader list.

Naval battle

This is simply the multiplayer game for excellence where two players will meet in an epic naval battle.

The game is designed to play directly without the need for special devices to obtain maximum fun. The objective is to position your fleet with the largest number of ships in a grid where you can not reach the enemy and where you can guess the position of this.

This version includes a Charles de Gaulle-class aircraft carrier a Bismarck-class battleship a nuclear submarine a stealth frigate and a patrol boat. This game includes a game mode against the CPU Multiplayer via LAN and Multiplayer via Internet and you can make a screenshot at the end to share your victory with friends and family.

Tic Tac Toe

Who has not played the simple game of 0 and X? Since childhood it is one of the simplest games and yet they steal us the longest. This application brings to mobile devices that finally makes it as a popular game.


This application has 3 levels of complexity from the simplest to the most complex which will surely be a challenge for both players. With this app you can play with your friends co-workers and anyone else via Bluetooth or through the Internet.

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Finally These are the best two player game apps that can be played at any time with your friends. If you want to know more about these apps then you can simply share with us. Visit ttop10 for more information.