Top Best Video Players For MAC

Video Players For MAC: MAC video players are must for those who are penchant to watch movies. You must be having VLC but other than VLC there are other video players which are having excellent features.

All video players are more over same but only thing which differs is the formats they support. So let us look at some video players which can be considered as best option for watching movies.


Video Players For MAC

Let us look at top best video players for MAC.

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Video Players For MAC

Now we have looked at top 3 video players. All are good in their own respects. They have their own features. They are best for MAC and you will really have a good time after seeing the videos. The formats support by these players is quite extensive. You should definitely go for these apps and you will never regret you decision of using them like best kodi skins. Now we should look at some more video players which will give you a very good video watching experience.

  1. VLC

VLC is a stupendous MAC video player which can support all codecs and formats of videos. It has extensive customization features which overwhelm the users. It efficiently manages the library and it also act as screen player too. Vlc supports various formats like MOV, MP4, QuickTime, AVI and MPEG. VLC has been the favourite option of all users from so many years that whenever video players comes to our mind the first though is VLC.



The interface of the app is obsolete that’s why people don’t like to use this app now days. The other factor which upset the users is that it consumes excessive battery. If you are not concerned about battery then you can go for this app. But no doubt it is till far the most reliable video players for MAC. Just go for it and enjoy all your videos without any second thoughts.

  1. Quick Time Player

It is growing video player MAC supported as it optimizes the battery. It has really grown in the past as a very good video player. This player has a really good interface which don’t look monotonous and amuses us whenever we use it. It is especially suitable for formats like .MOV files which is the default format of MAC. MKV files don have some back log as they don’t work well with Quick Time Player. It comes with airplay support.


This feature is not even available in VLC. Not only this it also act as a very good screen , audio and video recorder which is not available with VLC media player. So you don’t need to waste your memory by installing it from Internet. You can use it on Internet. So you should definitely go for this app. It will not upset you at all.

  1. MX Player

It is best apple video player which can run various codecs and formats smoothly. Also supports various formats like MKV, M2TS, TS, MOD, TOD, MP4, AVI, WMV and MOV. It is absolutely free video player. MX can also act as DVD Player software to play DVD movies. With the help of this MPlayer X you can download videos from various Internet sites like YouTube, Facebook or other sites. It can also Airplay support , with the help of which you can stream the video files easily on Internet.


You can also listen to radio with the help of MPLayer X. Quick Time Player has one disadvantage that its toolbar often disappears when you are seeing video which will never happen in MPlayer X. All videos run very smoothly on this MPlayer X. This player will never crash. So just go for this player. You will really have a good time.

  1. DivX

It is aa superb video player for HD videos. DivX player is suitable for various formats like DivX, MKV and HEVC. It also supports the videos upto 4k resolution. So you can guess that this is really very popular video player. But yes its file is quite big and it takes quite large space in computer. You can also play DVD with the help of DiVx. Not only this you can edit your videos before uploading to YouTube. It has also Airplay support with which you can use this video player on internet.


DivX is also a perfect video player which offers you unlimited downloading of videos. Free video player download can be done from its official site. The videos run very smooth on this DivX and also you can listen to unlimited songs on radio. So this is surely a very video player for MA. Just go for this app. You will have a very good time after using this app also have a glance on best root apps for android.

  1. 5k Player

It supports MAC and also it supports windows. It can support windows upto windows 10. Isn’t that great? It can act as good video player for MAC and Windows. 5k can support various formats of videos and audios. It can support videos of up to 4k resolution. It supports various formats like MKV, M2TS, TS, MOD, TOD, MP4, AVI and WMV. 5k is absolutely free of cost and can also act as DVD player which can even play DVD encrypted videos.

video players for mac

With the help of this 5K Player you can play several movies downloaded from any platform on Internet. It also supports Airplay support with the help of this you can use this player on Internet. You can also use this player to listen to radio files. Just go for this app. You will definitely like this app. . This player will never crash. This is the most reliable software. Hence just go and use this app.

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You have looked at top video players for MAC. All are unique in their features and the formats they support. They will really provide you a very good experience of watching videos. You are definitely going to have a good time. Just go for these apps and your videos will run very smooth without any hiccups. Also they all can support HD videos and you can enjoy the HD experience. All are free so you don’t have any tension of increasing budget. Just go for them and enjoy the movies.